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Understand the fundamentals of Ethereum and its potential to revolutionize business.

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Seamlessly bring your company into the Ethereum ecosystem. ConsenSys Academy provides immersive 2-5 day training sessions for technical and non-technical stakeholders customized to your organization.


Blockchain 101 introduction

Ecosystem overview

Technical deep dives

Use-case ideation workshops

Industry, sector deep-dive sessions

ConsenSys customizes workshops for your team and for your goals

Get the competitive advantage

We coordinate with you to create a selection of training topics customized to your goals. Team members can expect an interactive, hands-on learning experience led by a ConsenSys trainer. In addition to teaching, instructors consult team members on questions specific to your organization as part of the course.

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why consensys

We are focused on building the infrastructure and ecosystem around Ethereum.

We have a global team of over 250 employees including entrepreneurs, computer scientists, designers, engineers, and business leaders. ConsenSys Enterprise consults on and delivers production-ready blockchain solutions in industries such as technology, retail, and natural resources. We have built over 30 successful Ethereum products.

We are a founding member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (the world’s largest open-source blockchain consortium) whose goal is to lead the development and improvement of the Ethereum platform for enterprise needs. We have also been named Blockchain City Advisor to government entities.

Why Ethereum?

Ethereum Use cases

Supply chain

With a distributed ledger on Ethereum, companies and individuals gain real-time transparency into shipping, tracking, and progress to build trust.


Governments are already applying blockchain to voting management, record management, and citizen identification.


Ethereum can enable decentralization and democratization of healthcare by supporting electronic, up-to-date, and accurate health records.

Travel & Hospitality

Ethereum will simplify customer loyalty programs in the travel industry including creating robust and frictionless partner networks.


Ethereum-based certificates for academic and professional credentials will reduce processing times and fraud.

Financial services

The Ethereum blockchain is the ideal platform to securely store required customer due diligence data and reliably coordinate digital information and financial sharing with authorized parties.

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