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ConsenSys Solutions brings blockchain to business. We are the engineering and infrastructure leaders at the forefront of the enterprise blockchain ecosystem. We work with Forbes Global 2000 companies, non-profits and world governments to build, test, and deploy high-value public and private blockchain solutions. We are present across global markets, including the US, UK, Ireland, France, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines and Australia. We offer education, strategic advisory, development and implementation services along with opportunities for joint ventures and co-creation.

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Education and Use Case Development

Harness the knowledge of world-class cryptographers, engineers, financial experts, and economic thinkers to help your organization understand the applications of blockchain technology and tackle emerging technological, regulatory, operational, and strategic risks. ConsenSys works with you and your organization to jumpstart ideation, explore the art of the possible, and turn concepts into cutting-edge solutions.

Strategic Blockchain Advisory

Position your organization to succeed with strategic insights from our business and technology specialists. We provide business model prototyping, use case discovery, market analysis, customer research, and proof-of-concept guidance to help you develop a comprehensive strategy for adopting, deploying, and investing in blockchain technology.

Design and Development of Blockchain Solutions

Equip your organization to deploy blockchain-based solutions. From proofs-of-concept to technology pilots, our engineering experts and solution architects help you discover, design, and rapidly prototype a blockchain solution that meets your organization’s needs.

Token Solutions Development

Explore the enterprise benefits of blockchain-based tokens for asset management, investment models, and incentive alignment. Work with us to develop token solutions that unlock new business models and opportunities for value creation.

Solution Deployment and Customer Success

Benefit from seamless technical implementation, solution delivery, system integration, and a full-suite of ongoing support services. Our global team of over 800 engineering and infrastructure leaders has vast experience in building production-grade blockchain applications and is committed to ensuring that your organization’s blockchain deployment is successful.

Joint Ventures and Co-Creation

Partner with ConsenSys Solutions to co-create new blockchain-based platforms and business models. Our Solutions partners can access and leverage our knowledge bases and community network to stay connected to the latest blockchain developments and opportunities.

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See how we are transforming the banking landscape of the Philippines to stimulate the financial inclusion of over 70 million previously unbanked Filipinos with Project i2i.

Blockchain for Business

Enterprise Ethereum

Enterprises, governments and leading organizations across the globe are adopting Enterprise Ethereum for solutions that deliver increased trust, enhanced efficiency and new opportunities.

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Enterprise Ethereum

Industry Use Cases and Applications

ConsenSys, a co-founding member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, is helping businesses around the world deliver enterprise blockchain solutions across all industries.

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11 Ways Ethereum Can Benefit Enterprise

Here’s how Ethereum blockchain solutions can future-proof business networks.

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ConsenSys Solutions is the blockchain consulting and solutions development team at the forefront of the enterprise blockchain ecosystem. We work to accelerate the adoption of Enterprise Ethereum, while empowering businesses and governments to utilize blockchain technology effectively.

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