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Discover the latest blockchain trends, real-world applications of Ethereum, and best practices for implementation with our world-class engineers and industry experts.

Upcoming webinar

MetaMask in the Global South

Wednesday, 05 May 2021 at 12pm EDT. A study in collaboration with Emerging Impact on the uses of MetaMask in emerging economies, and recommendations to drive increased financial accessibility.

MetaMask in the Global South
Upcoming webinar

Financial Inclusion, Advanced by Digital Currencies

Thursday, 13 May 2021 at 11am ET. 86% of central banks are actively researching the potential of CBDCs. ConsenSys is working toward fostering collaboration between central banks, financial institutions, payment service providers, and wallet providers. This webinar will collate insights from industry leaders who are deeply engaged in moving things forward. 

Financial Inclusion  Advanced by Digital Currencies
On-Demand webinar

Introduction to DeFi

Today, there is over $43 billion locked in DeFi protocols. Millions of people across the globe are using Ethereum to build and participate in a new economic system that is setting new standards for financial access, opportunity, and trust. 

However, there are millions more people only hearing about DeFi for the first time. Join Corbin Page, Head of Product at ConsenSys Codefi, as he walks through an introduction to Decentralized Finance.

Introduction to DeFi

On-Demand Webinars

Industry Applications of Enterprise Ethereum

  • When Open Finance Meets DeFi Webinar Ft
    When Open Finance Meets DeFi Webinar Ft
    When Open Finance Meets DeFi
    Join experts from ConsenSys, Plaid, and Gemini as they talk about how Open Finance solutions can help new audiences interact with DeFi protocols.
  • Codefi Sanfbox Community Session Jan2021 Featured
    Codefi Sanfbox Community Session Jan2021 Featured
    JAN2021 Codefi Sandbox Community Session
    The Codefi Assets Sandbox is a testing platform that allows financial institutions to assess and explore digital assets in a simulated digital ecosystem. Join the Codefi Assets team as they discuss the launch of the sandbox and the first learnings from clients.
  • Eth2 Staking for Institutions Blog
    Eth2 Staking for Institutions Blog
    Eth2 Staking for Institutions
    Staking on Ethereum 2.0 has gained enormous traction since the launch of the Beacon Chain. Since December 1st 2020, millions of ETH have been staked with the current reward rate approximately equivalent to 9.3% for active validators. Learn from the experience of early partners of Codefi Staking: Microsoft, Ledger, and Securosys
  • defi by consensys webinar
    defi by consensys webinar
    DeFi by ConsenSys
    An AMA with the product leads of ConsenSys’ DeFi solutions: MetaMask and Codefi, along with the founders of AirSwap.
  • webinar defi20
    webinar defi20
    DeFi in 2020
    A review of the Decentralized Finance ecosystem and its performance in 2020 by Lex Sokolin, Global Fintech Co-Head at ConsenSys.
  • Real Estate Webinar
    Real Estate Webinar
    Closing the Gap in the Real Estate Investment Market
    Learn how real estate funds can close the gap in the real estate investment market, and identify the major requirements to unlock secondary market liquidity.
Virtual Event On-Demand

The 2020 ConsenSys Product Road Show

See our community of developers, crypto-native entrepreneurs, and clients to interact around our most recent product developments. We showcase our latest project takeaways and foster better collaboration for 2021. 

The 2020 ConsenSys Product Road Show

Getting Started With Enterprise Ethereum

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