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Blockchain Webinars

Discover the latest blockchain trends, real-world applications of Ethereum, and best practices for implementation with our world-class engineers and industry experts.

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Getting Started with Ethereum

Wednesday, October 21st. A walk-through and conversation of how you can start building on Ethereum utilizing resources from ConsenSys.

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Getting Started with Ethereum
New Webinar

Closing the Gap in the Real Estate Investment Market

Thursday, October 29th. Learn how real estate funds, in collaboration with key sector players, can close the gap in the real estate investment market, and identify the major requirements to unlock secondary market liquidity. 
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Closing the Gap in the Real Estate Investment Market

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Industry Applications of Enterprise Ethereum

Getting Started With Enterprise Ethereum

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    The SKALE AMA Webinar

    Learn how users can purchase SKL tokens in the upcoming SKALE auction, and how to stake tokens on the Activate platform.

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    The State of Staking

    An introduction to Proof of Stake on Ethereum 2.0 and how you can participate to earn rewards. Presented by the ConsenSys Codefi team.

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    What is a Crypto Wallet?

    The fundamentals of Cryptocurrency Wallets and why they are important, the different types available, and how you can keep your cryptocurrency safe. With a special appearance from MetaMask.

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