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"If you think the Internet has affected your life, Ethereum will have that same pervasive influence on our communications and our entire information infrastructure. It will impact every aspect of our existence."

Joseph Lubin, Co-Founder of Ethereum

Developer Program 2018

Become a certified blockchain developer

The Developer Program is an end-to-end Ethereum course, designed to provide experienced developers with the knowledge and skills needed to become industry-leading Ethereum developers. This online course will cover foundational Ethereum concepts, introducing key tools, security best practices, and other aspects of smart contract and dApp development including building a front end.

Blockchain Foundations and Use Cases

Understand the basics of blockchain

With this course, not only will you be able to explain blockchain technology to your colleagues, you'll also be able to make educated business decisions with your new, foundational understanding of blockchain.

ConsenSys Academy’s mission is to develop the global blockchain ecosystem by bridging the Ethereum knowledge gap, becoming the beacon for Ethereum education, and revolutionizing education through blockchain technology.

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Introducing ethereum

Ethereum gives you the power to trust. It enables the development of systems of automated and executable agreements that ensure that all counterparties are treated fairly throughout a transaction.

Ethereum joins the security of blockchain technology with the expressiveness and objectivity of coded applications.

Become your own node in the Ethereum network


Let's imagine two people: Kevin, the eclectic art collector, and Shawn, the up-and-coming digital artist. Kevin wants to commission a piece of art and Shawn wants to be paid for his work.

This may seem like a simple transaction, but it involves implicit trust for both people to be satisfied.

Understand the power of the Ethereum network


On the Ethereum blockchain, a smart contract would facilitate this agreement. This contract isn't a company or person with its own motivations or goals. It is an app that runs exactly as programmed. It can't be tricked, manipulated, or corrupted. Since Ethereum tracks every transaction non-repudiably on the blockchain, there is always a trusted record.

In a market filled with uncertainty, Ethereum gives you the freedom to trust anyone: person, organization, or machine.

The Ethereum network is secure and trustworthy


Revolutionize banking with Ethereum

Distributed KYC

The Ethereum blockchain is the ideal platform to securely store required customer due diligence data and reliably coordinate digital information sharing with authorized parties.

Land use and management

Land registries

The Ethereum blockchain can provide better protection against fraud, remove reliance on paper contracts, and spur greater investment through easy property ownership and transfer.



Ethereum applications can run without fear of downtime, fraud, third-party interference, tampering of data, or censorship by a centralized authority.

Supply chain

Supply chain & asset tracking

With a distributed ledger on Ethereum, companies and individuals gain real-time transparency into shipping, tracking, and progress to build trust.

Revolutionize payments with Ethereum

lightning-fast payments

The Ethereum blockchain allows smart contracts to automatically execute payments without middlemen and comes to consensus every 15 seconds.