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How Will Ethereum Blockchain Technology Benefit Your Business?

Ethereum is a global, open-sourced blockchain platform for decentralized applications. Its battle-tested architecture and unrivaled programmability enables enterprises to build secure and customizable business networks and applications at scale. 

Ethereum delivers the following features:

  • Automatic execution. Streamline business processes through programmable transactions and real-time clearing and settlement.
  • Advanced security. Mitigate risk with tamper-proof data coordination and granular security controls.
  • Trusted business networks. Quickly deploy permissioned networks with shared business logic and customizable governance.
  • Digital asset management. Rapidly create and manage digital assets and instruments.
  • Production grade. Manage a compliant blockchain platform at scale with zero downtime.

In the five years since its inception, Ethereum has optimized business processes along global trade supply chains, increasing operational efficiency by 99.58%. It has activated digital financial instruments for real estate investment funds, working toward reducing minimum investment amounts to $1. It has deployed blockchain-based identity management systems to help governments improve transparency and accountability. And it has forged connectivity across 7,100 islands, driving financial inclusion for over 70 million individuals.

Leading enterprises are already realizing the benefits of Ethereum blockchain solutions for use cases across multiple industries. Our explainers, case studies, webinars, and industry best practices will help you get up to speed on what Ethereum can do for your organization and will prepare your business to integrate the world’s most powerful blockchain into your stack. 


What is Enterprise Ethereum and how it is transforming financial institutions, governments, and conglomerates around the globe?

Use Cases

Here are what we believe to be the most pertinent blockchain use cases for enterprises and governments
  • Advancing Capital Markets
    Advancing Capital Markets
    Capital Markets
    For capital markets, blockchain unlocks easier, cheaper, and faster access to capital. It reduces the barriers to issuance and enables peer-to-peer trading, faster and more transparent settlement and clearing, reduced costs, decreased counterparty risks, and streamlined auditing and compliance.
  • cbdc featured
    cbdc featured
    Central Bank Digital Currencies CBDC
    CBDCs are a digital form of central bank money that offers central banks unique advantages at the retail and wholesale levels, including increased financial access for individual customers and a more efficient infrastructure for interbank settlements.
  • Decentralized Finance
    Decentralized Finance
    Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
    Decentralized finance—DeFi—refers to the shift from traditional, centralized financial systems to peer-to-peer finance enabled by decentralized technologies built on Ethereum. Millions are building and participating in this new economic system that is setting new standards for financial access, opportunity, and trust.
  • identity
    Digital Identity
    A blockchain-based digital identity system provides a unified, interoperable, and tamper-proof infrastructure with key benefits to enterprises, users, and IoT management systems. The solution protects against theft and provides individuals greater sovereignty over their data.
  • energy
    Energy and Sustainability
    Oil and gas companies suffer from siloed infrastructures and a lack of transparency, efficiency, and optimization. Enterprise-grade blockchain solutions can significantly increase process efficiencies and reduce costs associated with oil and gas operations and distribution.
  • banking
    Financial services struggle with archaic operational processes, slow payment settlements, limited transparency, and security vulnerabilities. Blockchain enhances the efficient digitization of financial instruments, which increases liquidity, lowers cost of capital, and reduces counterparty risk.


Free on-demand webinars about industry applications, flagship projects across the globe, and best practices for enterprise adoption

Industry Applications of Enterprise Ethereum

  • Financial Inclusion Webinar Ft
    Financial Inclusion Webinar Ft
    Financial Inclusion, Advanced by Digital Currencies
    We discuss collaboration between central banks, financial institutions, payment service providers, and wallet providers to advance the adoption of CBDCs.
  • When Open Finance Meets DeFi Featured
    When Open Finance Meets DeFi Featured
    When Open Finance Meets DeFi
    Join experts from ConsenSys, Plaid, and Gemini as they talk about how Open Finance solutions can help new audiences interact with DeFi protocols.
  • Codefi Sanfbox Community Session Jan2021
    Codefi Sanfbox Community Session Jan2021
    JAN2021 Codefi Sandbox Community Session
    The Codefi Assets Sandbox is a testing platform that allows financial institutions to assess and explore digital assets in a simulated digital ecosystem. Join the Codefi Assets team as they discuss the launch of the sandbox and the first learnings from clients.
  • Eth2 Staking for Institutions
    Eth2 Staking for Institutions
    Eth2 Staking for Institutions
    Staking on Ethereum 2.0 has gained enormous traction since the launch of the Beacon Chain. Since December 1st 2020, millions of ETH have been staked with the current reward rate approximately equivalent to 9.3% for active validators. Learn from the experience of early partners of Codefi Staking: Microsoft, Ledger, and Securosys
  • Webinar DeFi
    Webinar DeFi
    DeFi by ConsenSys
    An AMA with the product leads of ConsenSys’ DeFi solutions: MetaMask and Codefi, along with the founders of AirSwap.
  • DeFi in 2020 Webinar
    DeFi in 2020 Webinar
    DeFi in 2020
    A review of the Decentralized Finance ecosystem and its performance in 2020 by Lex Sokolin, Global Fintech Co-Head at ConsenSys.

Best Practices for Enterprise Blockchain Adoption

Case Studies

Real-world case studies exploring industry-changing Ethereum blockchain solutions

Commerce and Finance Case Studies

Supply Chain Case Studies

  • Covantis ship pilot
    Covantis ship pilot
    Covantis: Modernizing global supply chains
    Blockchain solutions from ConsenSys products Quorum, Codefi, and Diligence enable Covantis to create a global network for the efficient execution of bulk agricultural trade operations.
  • fashion
    AURA: Proving authenticity for luxury products
    Blockchain for Supply Chain Management. AURA is a consortium blockchain pioneered by the LVMH Group to track and trace luxury goods— from raw materials to the point of sale, to second-hand markets — in order to assure consumers of product history and proof of authenticity.
  • komgo case study
    komgo case study
    komgo: Bringing commodity trade finance into the 21st century
    Blockchain for International Trade. Komgo is a secure, blockchain-based platform that is optimizing financing processes and accelerating industry operations for the world’s largest commodity trade and finance companies.

Government and Identity Case Studies

Insight Reports

Research and insights from the engineering and infrastructure leaders at the forefront of the enterprise blockchain ecosystem. 

Insights and Whitepapers on Financial Services

  • Q2 DEFI REPORT featured Cover
    Q2 DEFI REPORT featured Cover
    The Q2 2021 Ethereum DeFi Report
    An analysis of Ethereum’s decentralized finance ecosystem in Q2 2021 by ConsenSys Codefi.
  • DeFi for Institutioned Web Featured Image
    DeFi for Institutioned Web Featured Image
    DeFi for Institutions
    The institutional DeFi world is at an incredibly exciting moment in its adoption cycle. Learn about the experience of first movers, the emerging opportunities in the DeFi space, and how best to get started.
  • Q1DeFiReport 02
    Q1DeFiReport 02
    The Q1.2021 Ethereum DeFi Report
    An analysis of Ethereum’s decentralized finance ecosystem in Q1 2021 by ConsenSys Codefi.
  • ECB FAQ Report
    ECB FAQ Report
    20 Key Questions from Central Banks Answered
    A CBDC FAQ addressing questions around payments, monetary and financial stability, CBDC functionalities, technology, infrastructure, and further innovations for Central Banks.
  • Next Evolution of Securities Settlement Report
    Next Evolution of Securities Settlement Report
    The Next Evolution of Securities Settlement
    Post-trade processing of securities faces a number of challenges, from a lack of transparency, to high entry costs, and single points of failure. Tokenized digital securities based on blockchain technology presents a solution.
  • CBDC Guide Insight Report
    CBDC Guide Insight Report
    A Guide to CBDCs for Central Banks
    A CBDC FAQ addressing questions around payments, monetary and financial stability, CBDC functionalities, technology, infrastructure, and further innovations for Central Banks.