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Smart Contract Audits

and Ethereum Blockchain Security

Creating a safe, trustworthy and healthy Ethereum ecosystem. ConsenSys Diligence is committed to improving and protecting the Ethereum ecosystem by facilitating technical excellence, security guidelines, legal precautions, and ethical business practices.

Featured Audit

Auditing the 0x Protocol v2

Recently, the Diligence team completed an audit for the 0x protocol v2 upgrade. Read a recap of the team’s conclusions in this article.

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Launch Asessments

Whether you are deploying a decentralized application or doing a crypto token launch, the Diligence team can provide a comprehensive assessment of your code and overall readiness.

Security Audits

Engage your curiosity through broad and deep exploration of blockchain use cases tailored to your organization. We take pride in our diversity of experience and its ability to generate unique insights into complex and sophisticated systems and processes.

Engineering Advisory

We provide code security consultation and best practices throughout your project’s life cycle, including scalability reviews, performance and gas optimization, and ongoing support for audited contracts.

Security Education
Approaching security with a different philosophy focused on smart contract security mindset and heuristics

Solidity Recommendations

Examples of good smart contract patterns

Known Attacks

The different classes of vulnerabilities to avoid

Security Tools

Tools for improving code quality and detecting vulnerabilities

Security Notifications

Lists sources of information for staying up to date

Software Engineering

Outlines architectural and design approaches for risk

Docs and Procedures

Best practices for documenting systems for developers and auditors

Let's Chat about Ethereum Security

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Our Partners

You're in good company

Security Analysis Tool


Mythx is an open source Ethereum smart contract and dApp (decentralized app) security analysis engine and platform that integrates with several commonly used IDEs.

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Security Incentives


Panvala is a decentralized system that helps participants mark smart contracts that are safer than others.

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Audit the Deployed Smart Contract, Not Github!

Audits on a smart contract should be performed on a release candidate (RC), which should be deployed on mainnet before an audit is performed.

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