CEO of Societe Generale   Forge

“We are pleased to partner with ConsenSys, a key player in the development of distributed ledger technology globally, and offering many of the infrastructure and development tools used by the blockchain community.”

Jean-Marc Stenger

Jean-Marc Stenger

CEO of Societe Generale–Forge

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ConsenSys is the software engineering leader of the enterprise blockchain ecosystem and the largest pure play Ethereum company in the world. Our blockchain products and services have helped leading financial institutions, governments, and conglomerates easily launch blockchain-based solutions that have immediate business impact. Our global Solutions team offers blockchain training, strategic advisory, development and implementation services, and opportunities for joint ventures and co-creation. We’re here to help you and your organization along your blockchain journey. 

The proven benefits of Enterprise Ethereum: 

  • Automatic execution. Streamline business processes through programmable transactions and real-time clearing and settlement.
  • Advanced security. Mitigate risk with tamper-proof data coordination and granular security controls.
  • Trusted business networks. Quickly deploy permissioned networks with shared business logic and customizable governance.
  • Digital asset management. Rapidly create and manage digital assets and instruments. 
  • Production grade. Manage a compliant blockchain platform at scale with zero downtime.
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Blockchain is no longer a buzzword. Major governments, central banks, and financial powerhouses are seriously investing in blockchain business cases and recognizing that the tide is already turning.

Joseph Lubin

Founder of ConsenSys

Co-Founder of Ethereum