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    My company needs an enterprise-grade Eth2 client.

    For engineers who want to install an Eth2 client directly, Teku is ConsenSys’ full Ethereum 2.0 client built to meet institutional needs and security requirements.

    My company wants to stake our own ETH, or offer Eth2 staking services to our clients.

    For businesses that want to stake their own or their customers’ ETH without running their own validator infrastructure, Codefi Staking provides a solution for institutions and enterprises.

    I want to learn how to stake ETH and run my own validator.

    For retail users who want to learn how to run their own validator software, check out Codefi Activate to access the official Ethereum Foundation Launchpad.

    I want the latest Eth2 Beacon Chain data to run validators and get analysis.

    For developers who need a reliably hosted Beacon Chain API for Ethereum 2.0, the Infura API offers the most reliable data from the Beacon Chain network. 

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Codefi Staking

Ethereum 2.0 Staking for Institutions

Capitalize on the revenue opportunity of Ethereum 2.0 without the technical and operational complexities of running an independent validator.

Ethereum 2 0 Staking for Institutions

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