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What makes Enterprise Ethereum the best blockchain for business?

Bring Ethereum to Your Business

Why Enterprise Ethereum?

It is the most advanced, flexible, and production-ready blockchain platform

Enterprise Ethereum is the only fully programmable blockchain that supports and executes billions of dollars in transaction value each day. Only Enterprise Ethereum is capable of supporting public, private, consortium, and hybrid blockchain configurations for use cases and applications across every industry, including financial services, government, supply chain, asset management and more.

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It enables the creation of new business models and opportunities


Ethereum’s built-in tokenization capacity empowers business to reap the benefits of secure, scalable and rapid asset transfers, fractionalized ownership of real world assets, tokenized micro-economies and accountable transparent governance systems.


Ethereum’s built-in incentive structure drives increased network alignment, heightened operational efficiency and organic growth. This is because Ethereum’s native token directly incentivizes contribution and development, and its network algorithms punish nefarious activity.

Leveraging these innovations of emerging technology is key to unlocking new business opportunities and gaining sustainable competitive advantages.

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It has the most established blockchain ecosystem

Ethereum is best positioned to deliver enterprise solutions because it is backed by the largest and most established blockchain ecosystem. Over 300,000 software engineers, product developers and enterprise delivery experts are building the infrastructure, developer tools, core blockchain applications and resources to facilitate solution creation, delivery and support.

The world’s largest business blockchain consortium, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, has over 500 member organizations and is creating the standards to ensure ethical, sustainable and high-quality processes.

With this ecosystem, Ethereum is primed to be the best developed, longest-lasting blockchain in the world.

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It enables rapid, easy, and affordable deployment of enterprise blockchain solutions

Ethereum offers the best enablement tools for blockchain solutions with rapid deployment mechanisms, full suite support services and reduced cost models.


These tools empower developers to build collaboratively and confidently. They also enable businesses to create, test, and deploy enterprise-grade blockchain solutions in a matter of minutes.


For management and ongoing maintenance of Enterprise Ethereum solutions: Established support providers such as ConsenSys Solutions and top-tier IT consulting firms exist in every market across the globe.


The decentralized nature of Ethereum reduces costs through the elimination of intermediaries. Ethereum’s open-source codebase further enables a low-cost business model by eradicating vendor lock-in.

Together, these enablement tools make development on Ethereum faster, easier, and more affordable than on any other blockchain.

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It satisfies enterprise-grade requirements

Enterprise Ethereum is the most promising blockchain for business because its architectural specifications effectively satisfy enterprise-grade requirements for privacy, security, performance, scalability, and interoperability.


Enterprise Ethereum offers the most advanced blockchain privacy capabilities on the market. Permissioned networks and private transactions are used to control network access, transaction execution and data storage. Using added layers of privacy on specific transactions, enables businesses to benefit from Ethereum’s resilient and high-integrity mainnet.


The public Ethereum network is the most resilient and hack-resistant blockchain to date. It processes more daily transactions than any other blockchain, securely holding billions of dollars in value. It has also been real-world security tested since its launch in 2015. This assures businesses of utmost security and risk mitigation for all network capacities in enterprise applications.


Enterprise implementations of Ethereum do not face the same scaling constraints as the public network. They have been adjusted to sustain high-performance, scalability, and finality, in order to allow hundreds of transactions per second and periodic surges in network activity.


Enterprise Ethereum is the only business blockchain that enables seamless integration with Ethereum’s public mainnet. This equips each Enterprise Ethereum solution with global reach, extreme resilience, high integrity, and access to the vast Ethereum ecosystem. Enterprise Ethereum solutions can also be customized to interoperate with other open-source blockchain projects, allowing for future adaptation and expansion of existing solutions.

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