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"When you decide to build on Ethereum, you need to be with the best-in-class. ConsenSys holds this position."

Souleima Baddi

Souleima Baddi

CEO, komgo

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The Blockchain Application Suite for Next-Generation Commerce and Finance

Interested in digitizing assets and financial instruments? Optimizing business processes? Building decentralized networks? And deploying production-ready blockchain solutions? Please fill out this contact form for all inquiries regarding the ConsenSys Codefi application suite. Our team will reach out shortly.

The Codefi Application Suite 

  • Orchestrate: Core technical blockchain components for every enterprise solution
  • Workflow: Blockchain-anchored business process management and automation
  • Assets: Tokenization, issuance, and lifecycle management for digital assets and securities
  • Markets: Secondary markets for digital assets
  • Payments: Digital currency settlement for CBDCs and asset-backed stablecoins
  • Activate: Tools for launching and participating in decentralized networks and protocols
  • Staking: Institutional staking for Ethereum 2.0
  • Compliance: AML/CFT compliance for Ethereum-powered digital assets
  • Data: Data and risk analytics for digital assets and DeFi protocols