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Institutional Staking
on Ethereum

Earn optimized rewards for staking Ethereum with ConsenSys, the software engineering leader at the forefront of Ethereum blockchain development.

Why Codefi Staking?

We are the world’s foremost expert in Ethereum technology

Codefi is a product of ConsenSys, the engineering and infrastructure leader at the forefront of the enterprise blockchain ecosystem, offering unrivaled Ethereum expertise.

Work closely with the product teams developing the most trusted crypto wallet, MetaMask, the industry’s leading blockchain infrastructure, Infura, and the only institutional-grade consensus layer validator client, Teku.

We are the world   s foremost expert in Ethereum technology

Earn rewards and secure the Ethereum blockchain

Staking Ethereum rewards institutions for securing the network and participating in Ethereum’s migration toward a cleaner and greener Proof-of-Stake blockchain.

However, staking entails a complicated deposit process and continuous infrastructure maintenance against software failures, connectivity issues, key mismanagement, security vulnerabilities and transaction problems.

Codefi Staking helps eliminate these technical and operational risks. We enable institutions to maximize rewards, and leverage ConsenSys’ leading industry position to do it better than anyone else.

We do not pool customer assets. With Codefi Staking, every customer can identify unique validators as their own. As a result, when the transition to Proof-of-Stake is completed, we will ensure that any transaction priority fees or mev is paid directly to the customer.

Earn rewards and secure the Ethereum blockchain
Product Features

Built for Institutions

  • 99.95% up-time track record with zero slashing
  • Institutional grade infrastructure distributed across multiple regions, clouds, and clients
  • A clean, well documented, and simple API with a single endpoint for staking
  • Real-time custom reporting using actual, finalized on-chain data
  • Rebates to guarantee against up-time and slashing penalties
  • Verified security: We have a SOC2 type 1 audit report on the security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy criteria, issued by an independent third-party American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ (AICPA) firm. Codefi Staking is underway to receive a SOC2 type 2 report by the end of 2022.

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Codefi Staking is powered by Teku

Codefi Staking is powered by Teku

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Staking Made Simple

Staking Ethereum with Codefi Staking is more straightforward than ever, and is available via an API or platform interface. We’ve got a six step process.

And you’re all set! Your validator is up and running, securing the Ethereum network, and earning rewards.

Earn rewards with Codefi Staking