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Press Release

Amberdata and ConsenSys MythX join forces to make Ethereum safer

Providing automated security analysis and insights for Ethereum ecosystem
by ConsenSysMay 13, 2019
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New York, NY – Blockchain and digital asset data company Amberdata and the leading smart contract security platform MythX from ConsenSys Diligence announced official integration partnership today.

MythX platform is a smart contract security API that brings advanced security analysis directly into development environments and build pipelines. It detects many common Solidity vulnerabilities and EVM bytecode vulnerabilities through advanced analysis techniques including input fuzzing, static code analysis, linting, and symbolic analysis. By integrating with MythX Platform API to verify changes in contracts deployed to Ethereum MainNet, Amberdata automates the discovery of vulnerabilities, version mismatches, behavioral or transactional anomalies in its real-time data analytics and monitoring platform. Every smart contract on Ethereum will receive a security rating which helps developers easily understand the attack surface of their smart contracts and making their decentralized applications safer.

“Amberdata has been doing incredible things for Ethereum security and visibility for a long time and were the first to scan the entire Ethereum Blockchain using Mythril, our open source tool,“ said Tom Lindeman, Co-Founder of MythX and ConsenSys Diligence. “With the updated integration with our MythX API and service, together we will bring unprecedented levels of sophisticated analysis to the ecosystem in order to prevent smart contract disasters and make Ethereum safer.”

“Digital assets created via smart contracts are living pieces of software. Providing greater access and unparalleled transparency into Blockchain and digital asset data has always been our core mission. By partnering with ConsenSys MythX, we are not only providing automated security scans for all smart contracts on Mainnet, but also connect developers to security experts for in-depth analysis,” said Shawn Douglass, CEO of Amberdata. “Safer smart contracts are the foundation of a thriving Ethereum ecosystem. Together we are strengthening Ethereum based digital assets and applications.”

About Amberdata:
Amberdata is a blockchain and digital asset data company. Organizations use market-leading Amberdata to solve their toughest crypto data challenges. Amberdata combines real-time validated blockchain and crypto market data into a unified platform enabling, developers, institutional investors and exchanges to monitor, search and build real-time data-powered applications.For more information please visit:
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About ConsenSys:
ConsenSys is a blockchain company dedicated to transforming the world’s digital architecture toward a more open, inclusive, and secure internet of value, commonly called Web3. With a more trustworthy internet architecture, ConsenSys is helping enterprises and governments unlock new business models and value, gain efficiencies through a shared IT infrastructure, and utilize modern cryptographic methods to safeguard private user data. Through our unique global business comprised of a venture fund and startup incubator, Enterprise Ethereum consulting arm, and an educational Academy, ConsenSys is building for the decentralized future.  For more information please visit:

Media Contacts:
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