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ConsenSys Plans To Recruit 400 Employees Globally in 2022 to Support Rapid Growth

One week after announcing a fundraising of 200 million, with a valuation of 3.2 billion, ConsenSys today announced its plans to recruit 400 employees in 2022, with open positions all over the world.
by ConsenSysNovember 24, 2021
ConsenSys Plans To Recruit 400 Employees Globally in 2022

With over 500 employees, ConsenSys announced today that the company plans to nearly double its workforce in 2022, recruiting 400 new hires, up to ~900 employees total. With the intention to hire the best talent from throughout the world, the vast majority of open positions will be remote first, meaning that employees can be based almost anywhere in the world. From Spain to Australia, India or Brazil, the current workforce is based in over 30 countries globally. This announcement comes only one week after the new 200 million fundraising seed was revealed by the company, bringing its valuation up to 3.2 billion. 

To hire 400 of the best and brightest, ConsenSys has developed strategies to make its workforce as diverse as possible, including, by effectively recruiting more women and other underrepresented groups. These strategies are crucial to ensuring that the company and its customers and end users continue to benefit from the best talent across  the industry, and  became an emphasis for hiring after Chief People Officer, Amanda Keleher, joined the organization in September 2020.

“A large part of our employee population comes from the blockchain ecosystem but we also welcome talents from different professional backgrounds that could help us drive the adoption of blockchain globally,” explained Keleher. “Our objective is to recruit the best talent all over the world and outperform the industry standard for diversity in our workforce and leadership roles. The latest data is clear proof that we are going in the right direction,” she added.

Since September 2020 ConsenSys has increased gender balance in the workforce from 19% to 23% as of September 2021. 

“One of our goals is to significantly advance gender balance across the entire organization, especially in impactful leadership roles and also technology positions , such as our engineering and protocols team,” added Keleher.

To see our current open roles and keep up to date with new job openings please visit our careers page.