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Events and Conferences

  • NFT NYC 2022
    NFT NYC 2022
    8 Side Events You Can't Miss During NFT NYC
    Check out all the events MetaMask and Infura are sponsoring during NFT NYC!
    by James BeckJune 15, 2022
  • 11 things I learned at Permissionless
    11 things I learned at Permissionless
    11 Things I Learned At Permissionless
    Observations from the first Blockworks and Bankless event in sunny Palm Beach, Florida
    by Megan DiasMay 24, 2022
  • My Journey to Becoming a Validator on Ethereum 2 0  Part 2
    My Journey to Becoming a Validator on Ethereum 2 0  Part 2
    Why Community Is Key to Web3
    The full weight of the argument that Web3 was community-oriented, community-focused, and in many ways, community-run, did not hit home until I had spent a few days at ETHDenver.
    by Simran JagdevMarch 9, 2022
  • Women in Blockchain
    Women in Blockchain
    Women in Blockchain: Where We Are, and The Way Forward
    To celebrate International Women's Day, we gathered four women who are now veterans of the blockchain industry to talk about how the blockchain industry is trying to break the gender bias plaguing the overall tech sector.
    by Simran JagdevMarch 8, 2022
  • Ethereum Frontier
    Ethereum Frontier
    Ethereum's Frontier Mentality Is A Hindrance, Not A Help
    We’ve always thought of new technology as terrain to be conquered, with all the cutthroat actions that implies. ETH Denver showed itself to be less ‘Custer’s Last Stand’ and more ‘New Riders of the Purple Sage’.
    by Oliver RenwickMarch 4, 2022
  • Screenshot 2021 11 12 at 14 39 07
    Screenshot 2021 11 12 at 14 39 07
    What we learned during ETHLisbon, first in-person event after 2 years
    by Francesco Andreoli, Matt Nelson, Anthony Albertorio, James BeckNovember 12, 2021
  • BWC   8211  June 2021   8211  Blog Event Post
    BWC   8211  June 2021   8211  Blog Event Post
    JUNE 2021 #BuildWithConsenSys: BrightID, OpenZeppelin Defender, NFTX / Upshot, and MEV & Flashbots
    JUNE 2021, Every Thursday @ 10AM PT - This month, we will be discussing BrightID group verification & Dapp integration, OpenZeppelin Defender, NFTX and/or Upshot, and MEV & Flashbots. There will be special guest speakers as well as our developer ambassadors leading the conversations. So jump in and let's discuss!
    by Shay MagroJune 10, 2021
  • Cypherpunk 2021 hackathon
    Cypherpunk 2021 hackathon
    Cypherpunk 2021: ConsenSys Internal Hackathon
    Building, hacking, and trying out new technologies in the pursuit of new ideas is a foundational part of how we build upon the open-source software that defines our decentralized ecosystem. In this spirit, ConsenSys is running an internal hackathon!
    by Rob DawsonJune 2, 2021
  • BWC   8211  52721   8211  Blog Event Post
    BWC   8211  52721   8211  Blog Event Post
    #BuildWithConsenSys: Building an NFT LIVE!
    THURS, MAY 27 @ 10AM PT - This week, we will be discussing and exploring building an NFT(Non-fungible token) in a live demo. Creating a better user experience in the NFT space is hugely sought after. Let's look into the code behind projects putting NFTs on a digital pedestal. Let's discuss!
    by Shay MagroMay 25, 2021