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CryptoEconomic Research

DeFi Protocol Governance Report | February 2022 | Week 1

Compound adds FEI Markets, SushiSwap to Transfer Control of Discord, and more!
by Mattison Asher, Laurence SmithFebruary 4, 2022
Governance Feb 22 w1
Compound Banner


Proposal: Add Market: FEI

Created: January 28th, 2022

Passed: Yes

  • 767,607 For
  • 0 Against

What does it do: Adds a market for FEI USD with the following parameters

  • Interest rate model: same as cDAI, cUSDT, and cTUSD (stablecoin standard)
  • Collateral factor: 0% (standard to start)
  • Reserve factor: 25% (standard)
  • Borrow limit: none
  • COMP rewards: none (for now, pending a broader discussion)
  • Price source: Chainlink reporter anchored to Uniswap V2 FEI/ETH

Why: Adding another stablecoin to Compound’s lending markets continues to give users more choices.

Takeaway: Compound adds FEI to their markets.

Sushi Swap Banner


Snapshot Proposal: Transfer Discord Ownership to Tangle [Implementation]

Created: Feb 2, 2022

Passed: Not yet, but looking like it will

  • 3.7 million SUSHIPOWAH For
  • 0 Against

What does it do: Transfers control of SushiSwap discord from Joeseph Delong to Tangle

Why: Joseph is no longer a part of the SuhsiSwap executive team, and thus should not control the Discord.

Takeaway: Discord control will likely be given to Tangle.

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