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Enterprise Solutions with Codefi Orchestrate

by Nicole AdarmeOctober 7, 2020
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How Codefi Orchestrate powers businesses to build their enterprise blockchain solutions.

In late August, ConsenSys announced its acquisition of Quorum from J.P. Morgan. ConsenSys Quorum – as it is now known – is an open-source protocol layer that enables businesses to build enterprise-ready solutions for a variety of use cases and industry applications.

In addition to ConsenSys Quorum, to better enable and accelerate enterprise adoption of blockchain technology, ConsenSys has configured a suite of products to specifically enable a range of business-critical functions within a blockchain-based application, including document management, KYC/AML, payments, data monitoring, and more.

These business-critical product modules connect to the ConsenSys Quorum open-source protocol layer through Codefi Orchestrate. Codefi Orchestrate accelerates enterprise solution development, reduces development costs, quickens go-to-market, and empowers you to build secure and robust systems.

What is Codefi Orchestrate?

Codefi Orchestrate is a commercially licensed Ethereum transaction orchestration system. Orchestrate enables organizations to build on any Ethereum network by providing functionality to manage multiple chains, public and private transactions, smart contracts, and private keys.

Codefi Orchestrate enables developers to leverage enterprise-optimized product features like those offered through Codefi on top of open-source code like ConsenSys Quorum. Orchestrate’s key features include: transaction management, account management, smart contract registry, chain management, high availability, and multi-tenancy.

Orchestrate implements a microservices architecture composed of APIs and workers. Workers communicate using a publish-subscribe pattern using Apache Kafka as a message broker. All internal messages are standardized using protobuf and grpc.

Each API and worker can be configured using its own set of environment variables, and global environment variables. The Docker Compose file in the Orchestrate Quickstart provides an example of how to configure and execute the services.


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Getting Started With and Using Codefi Orchestrate

Codefi Orchestrate is free for a trial period through the Codefi Orchestrate Quickstart. Our Orchestrate demo video is a detailed review of getting started with Orchestrate and deploying both a public and a private use case.