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ConsenSys Codefi to Support Upcoming AirSwap Launch and New Developments

by Nicole AdarmeDecember 7, 2020
Airswap Interface

AirSwap recently announced a focus on open development and collaboration. ConsenSys Codefi is taking these plans forward by supporting the AirSwap governance process, growing its community, and delivering its phase II launch in January 2021, which will include new governance, new network incentives, and a new treasury plan. 

ConsenSys Codefi will utilize its Activate platform, designed to launch decentralized networks and increase network participation, to help grow the AirSwap network. Codefi will guide AirSwap’s newly implemented governance system of improvement proposals (AIPs) and deliver core development and growth initiatives throughout 2021.

AirSwap’s AIPs have already jump-started the open development process. Proposals take the form of new protocols, smart contracts, maker software, network tooling, applications, and tokenomics. AIPs are proposed, discussed, and eventually ratified by community vote. Codefi will ensure each proposal is seen, discussed, and potentially voted on and implemented.

By empowering its community to innovate, discuss, and decide on the future of the AirSwap, the network has positioned itself to keep pace with the ever-changing ecosystem. For AirSwap Phase II specifically, Codefi will implement AST+ and deliver the product launch through the Activate platform, which will become the primary destination for AirSwap network governance.

With support from Codefi, its new AIP governance process underway, and its recent integration with MetaMask, the AirSwap network and community are poised for growth.

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