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Activate Staking Portal Partnership Announcement

by Collin MyersSeptember 16, 2020
skale cover

As we approach the SKL token distribution and Mainnet launch, we are delighted to announce that we have partnered with 15 of the leading validators in the space to enable a feature-rich and diverse staking experience for users to secure the SKALE Network upon launch on October 1st and beyond.

We firmly believe that a better user experience for token holders is a cornerstone of creating better and more active network participation and that decentralization does not have to come at the cost of fragmentation. As a result, bringing users the optionality of staking across a range of providers in a single interface is a major milestone for decentralized network participation and enables distributed security to our industry.

Stay tuned for our staking guide and telegram group welcoming all Activate users upon token distribution on September 24th!

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We can’t wait to launch Phase 2 of the SKALE Network with all of you.

Happy SKALEing,

The Codefi Activate Team