ConsenSys Web3Studio

ConsenSys Web3Studio is an R&D organization for applications, business models and Web3 technology patterns. Our team of developers, designers and writers explore novel, unexpected ways to use blockchain and Web3-related technologies. We do virtually all our work from the very beginning in an open source environment under Creative Commons and Apache2 licenses, so that developers and entrepreneurs can get involved early and use our efforts to jump start their own work.

We publish stories about these uses in the form of “product reviews from the near future” on Medium. Then we build some of these stories into developer kits. The kits are open source. If you take our ideas and open source code and then build your own Web3 application please let us know!

What are you waiting for? Go make comments on issues. Engage us on Twitter. Contact us directly. ConsenSys is always looking for teams building interesting things. So if you find yourself building something you intend to get serious about, seriously…contact us.