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Using IPFS and ENS to create "unstoppable" static websites on the distributed web. It's even hosting this site! The one you're on now. Isn't it nice?

Black Hole Sum

Building a peer-to-peer privacy preserving rating system on Blockchain.


Turns live performances into the gift that keeps giving for cash strapped musicians.

Stupid About — Blockchain

A Smart Guide to the Emerging Technology Wilderness: 1.01

How ICGo Saved Grandma From Getting Fleeced and Ushered in the Era of Secure Venture Investing for…

Another Report from the near future, by ConsenSys Web3Studio


A hyper-secure note-taking app. but what's interesting is the technology to hide the note in plain site.

Twitter’s #Bitter Blockchain Blast

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Hey!Pie is ‘Scrumptious’ with Blockchain A-La-Mode

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GitWrit Uses Blockchain to ‘Git’ You Paid

Another Product Review from the Near Future, by ConsenSys

Why Write Fictional Product Reviews From the Near Future

Narrative is an Essential Part of Scoping the Product Roadmap.