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    case studies featured home

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    Case Studies
    Industry-changing Ethereum blockchain solutions for finance, international trade, supply chain, government, social impact, and more.
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    Watch on-demand webinars from some of the foremost blockchain experts in the world.
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    Developer Portal
    Everything you need to start building on the Ethereum blockchain.
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Blockchain News and Analysis

  • Starting a Crypto Fund Ft
    Starting a Crypto Fund Ft

    MetaMask Institutional

    So You Want to Start a Crypto Fund...
    There are many steps one has to take when starting a crypto fund that go well beyond raising capital and trading well. We talk about the service providers required by any new fund that wants to attract capital beyond family.
    by Mattison AsherJuly 1, 2021
  • Quorum Banner
    Quorum Banner


    What is ConsenSys Quorum?
    ConsenSys Quorum is an open-source protocol layer that builds upon the success of decentralized Ethereum, the world’s value settlement layer.
    by Matt NelsonJune 8, 2021
  • State of Staking May 2021
    State of Staking May 2021


    The State of Staking in May 2021
    The first in a series of monthly updates that ensure you stay on top of the rapid developments happening on the Beacon Chain and TBFKAE2 (The Blockchain Formerly Known As Eth 2).
    by Nicole AdarmeJune 7, 2021
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“Blockchain is no longer a buzzword. Major governments, central banks, and financial powerhouses are seriously investing in blockchain business cases and recognizing that the tide is already turning.”
Joseph Lubin

Founder of ConsenSys and Co-Founder of Ethereum