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Why Us?

We run your validators safely and effectively, so that you collect more rewards and reduce risks of slashing and downtime.  But our track record will tell you more than we ever could:

  • Key Metrics
    • 24,000+ Hosted Ethereum Validators
    • $1,300,000,000+ Value of ETH Staked
    • 99.9%+ Validator Participation Rate
    • 0 Slashed 
    • 4% Share of All ETH Staked
    • 2+ Years in production since the beginning of ETH staking
  • Trust and Security Measures
    • Non-Custodial: Your tokens stay in your control 
    • No Single Point of Failure: We operate diverse validator clients and distributed infrastructure hosted across multiple regions and cloud providers
    • SOC2 Type II Certification
    • Real-time Monitoring: Monitor consistent validator performance 
    • 24/7 Customer and technical support