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Accelerate real estate investment management with digital assets

The Problem

Asset management firms require relatively high minimum investment amounts to cover the costs of investor onboarding and subscription management. This impedes participation from smaller investors, and hinders swift accumulation of capital.

The Solution

Codefi enables asset managers to streamline digital asset lifecycle management, portfolio governance, and investor relations. We facilitate customizable asset issuance, adherence to regulatory compliance, accelerated onboarding, and direct asset distribution. This enables time- and cost- savings, allowing firms to decrease minimum subscription amounts. Rapid customizable issuance also allows more precise satisfaction of investor demands, reducing counterparty risk and improving liquidity potential.

Read about Mata Capital’s partnership with Codefi to reduce minimum investor subscription amounts to €1→

Unlock access to alternative financing options for property development

The Problem

Property development firms face challenges raising finances for new projects. Working with single loan sources incurs high interest rates, while crowd financing and loan syndication are difficult to administer.

The Solution

Codefi Assets simplifies access to alternative financing models by facilitating direct interaction between multiple participants in the financing value chain. We allow for transparency in the financing and loan syndication process with secure permissioned sharing of data and documents. This streamlines investor management for developers and ensures investment transparency and continuous ROI tracking for investors.

Revolutionize loan and mortgage securitization

The Problem

Loan and mortgage approvals remain time-consuming and insecure with non standardized paper-based processes. Decisions are often made based on outdated information, and cash reconciliations often incur settlement delays which impact investor cash flows.

The Solution

Codefi Assets offers banking institutions a single version of verified information, secure data sharing, immutable transaction monitoring, and real-time payment settlement. We convert a loan into a digital security programmed to include relevant data such as ownership rights and loan payment history to support asset servicing decisions. We utilize smart contracts to collect and distribute payments to beneficiary holders, and deliver real-time reporting to regulators. This makes lifecycle management of the loan or mortgage much more efficient. In addition, accurate proof of asset performance generates confidence in secondary markets.

Activate smart property management

The Problem

Large scale property management firms endure inefficient oversight of their global portfolios.

The Solution

Blockchain facilitates secure data sharing, streamlines rental collections and payments to property owners, and also provides premium due diligence across the portfolio. This increases operational efficiencies, reduces overhead costs, and generates substantially richer data to inform better decision making.

Make land registries more secure, efficient, and transparent

The Problem

Land titles continue to rely on paper documentation, vulnerable to loss, fraud, and mismanagement. In addition, property transfers and permits require a multitude of lengthy and costly legal procedures, sometimes locking land in unproductive use.

The Solution

Codefi eliminates the complexity of legacy systems, offering a secure and immutable digital registry, complete with document authentication and transaction transparency. A trusted asset title and documentation processes improves investor confidence, helps facilitate market transactions, unlocks access to finance, and advances economic and social community development.

Read about HM Land Registry’s partnership with Codefi to tokenize real estate property titles in the UK→

Increase community engagement in urban planning

The Problem

There is a lack of trust from the local community with regard to urban planning.  According to a 2019 survey by Grosvenor Group, only 2% of the public trust property developers and only 7% trust local authorities to plan for large-scale development.

The Solution

Blockchain-based planning platforms can include educational resources, token-based participation incentives, and a feedback loop between stakeholders. This can integrate local communities in the property development value chain, improving their confidence and improving your services for sustainable success.

Improve productivity in development and construction

The Problem

Larger construction projects have become increasingly difficult to manage with fractured sub-contracting and procurement practices and a lack of supply chain transparency.

The Solution

Blockchain platforms simplify procurement, automate contract management, authenticate product quality, and streamline project management. Complete project lifecycle management minimizes bottlenecks in the construction process, improving process transparency, and facilitating audit trails for real-time reporting.

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Benefits of Blockchain in Real Estate

Asset Tokenization

Once real estate assets are digitized, they can be programmed to meet issuer requirements and customized to match investor specifications. 

Process Efficiency

Smart contracts can automate real estate industry processes including KYC/AML, compliance, registry maintenance, payment settlement, transaction monitoring, and reporting.

Reduced Costs

Process automation reduces the need for manual operations and third party intermediaries, resulting in significant time- and cost-savings.

Lower Risks

Fractionalized ownership, tailoring to investor demand, global distribution, and the reduced cost of issuance ensure affordable assets are accessible to larger investor pools. 

Access to Secondary Market Opportunities

Increased connectivity between digital assets and associated networks expands secondary market opportunities and improves the potential for liquidity.

Data Accessibility

Network transparency and real-time information will enable better informed real estate asset and investment decisions and improved portfolio management.

Real Estate Blockchain Case Studies and Webinars

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  • Transforming Asset Servicing

    Blockchain and Asset Management Part 1. A report exploring the impact of blockchain on the asset servicing industry, the asset manager, the custodian bank, and fund administration.

  • Blockchain and The Digital Asset Manager

    Blockchain and Asset Management Part 2. A report exploring the impact of blockchain on the asset manager in the context of industry trends and challenges.

ConsenSys Codefi

The most powerful blockchain application for digital asset management
Codefi allows asset managers to create, issue, and manage the lifecycle of digital assets, associated markets, and digital financial instruments on permissioned blockchain networks.
  • Create financial products that are not currently securitized, including accounts payable, invoices, and supplier service contracts. Build on the connectivity between fully digitized assets to form new financial products and services.
  • Better meet investor demands and improve liquidity potential by restructuring slow settling financial products, and customizing asset issuance directly for investor specifications.
  • Access global markets, broaden your investor base, and amass more diversified assets under management with international distribution capabilities.
  • Achieve optimal operational efficiency and reduce costs with automated processes, and a distributed and mutualized market infrastructure.
Learn more about Codefi’s digital assets platform →
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