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  • Measuring Blockchain Decentralization

    Part 3 of the ConsenSys Research Interoperability Series. Originally delivered as a talk at Devcon V, this article identifies and quantifies metrics of decentralization on the Ethereum mainnet with visualizations and robust data.

  • The Maximally Decentralized Blockchain Settlement Layer

    Part 2 of the ConsenSys Research Interoperability Series (Part 1: Avoiding Blockchain Balkanization). A look at the longstanding dangers of protocol maximalism and the improbability of one blockchain arising as universally superior. This article situates the “settlement” argument—the viewpoint that the future will be comprised of a multitude of different blockchains, all of which are underpinned by a maximally-decentralized protocol.

  • Avoiding Blockchain Balkanization

    Part 1 of the ConsenSys Research Interoperability Series. A historical look at the evolution of the Internet and the emergence of siloed and disparate protocols. This piece explores early industry warnings about the dangers of balkanization and looks at the blockchain industry’s worrisome adoption towards a similar mindset.

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