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Quorum Subscription with
Allfunds Privacy

ConsenSys & Allfunds, the world's largest fund distribution network, partnered to combine
ConsenSys Quorum with the power of the Allfunds Funds Industry Platform in order to radically
streamline the global fund distribution industry—by enabling instant, reliable, and secure
communication among industry actors.


Building the most sophisticated blockchain architecture

ConsenSys Quorum enables enterprises to leverage Ethereum for their high-value blockchain applications. Businesses can rely on the Quorum open-source protocol layer and integrate it with modules from ConsenSys and other companies, or custom platforms in order to build high-performance decentralized applications.

Quorum Subscription with Allfunds Privacy is a new commercial private transaction management solution that further expands the permissioning and privacy features of the Quorum suite, leveraging a new privacy model.

The Allfunds Privacy plug-in is based on patented technology created by Allfunds Blockchain, now maintained and commercially supported by ConsenSys.

Quorum Subscription with Allfunds Privacy is offered as licensed software that can be deployed by customers on-premise or in the customers’ cloud environments, supported by ConsenSys.

Selected consulting firms, as well as technology and blockchain companies have been testing alpha versions of the solution to understand the possibilities opened by this new privacy approach, which contributes to the continued development of the Enterprise Ethereum ecosystem.

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Product Benefits

A new privacy model for Enterprise Blockchain

Private & permissioned network

Main chain as single source of truth

Embedded privacy manager

Optimized network topology

Fully compatible Ethereum smart contracts

Validation of the full private transactions

Technical innovations for advanced privacy use cases
Product Features

Technical innovations for advanced privacy use cases

Pre-defined validation flow of private transactions

When using the Allfunds Privacy private transaction flow, each private transaction is read and validated by a validator node configured in the consensus algorithm. This means that private transaction validation is enforced and distributed by a predefined set of validators nodes, rather than left to the peer-to-peer validation of private transaction participants. Private transaction validation is not subject to the availability of private transaction participants. This is especially useful in business contexts where designated regulated operators are accountable for the confirmation of confidential transactions.

On-chain, encrypted storage of private transactions

When using the Allfunds Privacy transaction flow, the private transaction is fully encrypted and saved on-chain, rather than communicated through peer-to-peer messages. This means that, in case of audit or catastrophic loss of data by a transaction participant, it is always possible to retrieve transaction details directly from the immutable blockchain ledger.


Private transaction senders and recipients cannot be derived from on-chain data by any actor on the network, who is not party to the private transaction. This is consistent with the overall privacy approach of Hyperledger Besu.

Based on Hyperledger Besu

Currently, Allfunds Privacy is available for users of the Hyperledger Besu implementation of ConsenSys Quorum. Compatibility with the GoQuorum Ethereum client may be offered at a later stage.

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