Quorum Support

Enterprise-grade support and maintenance for ConsenSys Quorum deployments

ConsenSys offers support subscriptions for Quorum to accelerate time to market and provide confidence in production networks.

Support  amp  Services

Support & Services

Customer Success Management

The Customer Success Manager will serve as the primary point of escalation, ensuring the most direct way to addressing any problem and issue that may require extra attention, in particular in case of urgent issues or out of the ordinary situations.

Customer Support

Our premium technical support services ensure users will be assisted whenever they run into a question, a problem, or a request. The service we offer has global coverage and can scale from pre-production developer support to 24/7 coverage.

Hot Patches and Bug Fixes

ConsenSys’ troubleshooting will identify issues with your Quorum-based solution, and find a work-around to stabilize the environment, create a hotfix, and incorporate the fix in future Quorum releases. 

Issues Identification and Mitigation

ConsenSys can help proactively identify issues with customers’ specific infrastructure to help ensure issues are fixed before they impact performance.

Quorum Plugins

Quorum plugins are offered with your support contract. Plugins extend the Hyperledger Besu Ethereum client and provide functionality to address additional enterprise requirements for security and reliability.

Product Training

ConsenSys Quorum training provides hands-on instruction and upskilling at the ConsenSys Quorum protocol layer, from introductions to the most complex capabilities. [Available as a separate paid support service]

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Looking for more sophisticated blockchain architecture that leverages an advanced privacy model?

Quorum Subscription with Allfunds Privacy is a new commercial private transaction management solution that further expands the permissioning and privacy features of the Quorum suite, leveraging a new privacy model.