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Quorum Blockchain Service (QBS) is a fully managed ledger service that gives enterprises the ability to grow and operate blockchain networks at scale. Accelerate the development of your end-to-end blockchain application without the hassle of managing infrastructure.

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Blockchain and the Digitization of Trust

Trust and transparency can transform organizations and industries. Processes for building trust have historically been slow and expensive. Businesses would depend on intermediaries who broker trust across parties by centralizing relevant data to verify claims, and by manually verifying data across parties to ensure records are complete and accurate.

Blockchain is revolutionizing trust and transparency to bring shared, distributed, cryptographically secure data to organizations and individuals working together. Quorum Blockchain Service, a managed service built on technology acquired from JP Morgan Chase, automates deployment and management of a cloud-based blockchain network.

What is Quorum Blockchain Service?

When building with blockchain, enterprises must deploy and manage a consortium network across the cloud footprint of multiple organizations. This involves choosing and deploying a ledger, inviting members, assigning node identities, connecting nodes, setting up user permissions, and more. Once the network is set up, it must be then kept running and up to date. This is why we built Quorum Blockchain Service.

QBS is a fully managed blockchain service running from your own Microsoft Azure Account, as a managed application, that is easily deployed from the Azure Marketplace.

QBS allows enterprises to configure, deploy, and manage these networks, forming the foundation of blockchain apps in the cloud.

In addition to greater transparency, deploying QBS into your subscription enables additional benefits, such as lower costs from any pre-negotiated rates or discounts tied to reserved instance commitments you may have with Microsoft.

Why Quorum Blockchain Service?

Reduce Costs

Increase Speed-to-Market

Quick to consortium

Mitigate Risks

Easy Deployment

Great for Pro and Low Code

Key Benefits

Govern and scale with built-in consortium management

We provide unified control for both infrastructure management as well as blockchain network governance. Quorum Blockchain Service takes the pain out of network governance and management.

Launch and manage the network
  • Setup a flexible network
  • Add new network members
  • Offload network operations
Launch and manage the network
Model smart contracts
Model smart contracts
Build and extend the application
Build and extend the application
Key Features

Innovate with confidence

We provide unified control for both infrastructure management as well as blockchain network governance. Quorum Blockchain Service takes the pain out of network governance and management.

Connect with existing systems

Integrate with the data sources and applications you already use to manage multi-party workflows

Connect with existing systems
Tiers appropriate for both development and production

QBS offers tiers for developer, business, and enterprise scenarios that require 24×7 support.

Tiers appropriate for both development and production
Build with the Ethereum tools you love

Innovate with confidence on a platform that connects open source tooling like Truffle, MetaMask, Nethereum, Solidity, and more – either by themselves or through our extension for Visual Studio Code.

Build with the Ethereum tools you love
Start Your Own Network

Start Your Own Network

QBS is designed to support multiple ledger protocols – GoQuorum at launch, with Hyperledger Besu coming soon. It is built on Consensys Quorum’s Ethereum ledger using the Istanbul Byzantine Fault Tolerance (IBFT) consensus mechanism. These capabilities require almost no administration and all are provided at no additional cost.

You can focus on business logic and app development rather than allocating time and resources to managing virtual machines and infrastructure. In addition, continue to develop your application with the open-source tools and platform of your choice to deliver your solutions without having to learn new skills. QBS includes the following:

  • Easy onboarding experience
  • Monitoring and logging of blockchain node activity
  • Change management, upgrades, fixes and support
  • Security review and maintenance

Support & Service Tiers

QBS offers three service tiers: Developer, Business and Enterprise with built-in support services.

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The Next-Generation of Enterprise Blockchain

Many Enterprises are developing or engaging in DeFi, NFTs, and crypto native scenarios that start on public Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks. The future is one of multiple, interconnected and composable chains and protocols that provide trust and transparency in different contexts.

At ConsenSys, we have not just been forecasting this future, but have assembled a group of people, technology, and partners, and we engage deeply with them and the community to actively build the software to enable it.

Enterprises can choose to develop in a private, permissioned context with ConsenSys Quorum either by themselves or by leveraging our QBS Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) offering.

Customers who want fast, reliable connectivity to public layer 1 and layer 2 networks for DeFi and other scenarios can easily work with Infura.

At ConsenSys, we understand that corporations will want to move between private and public chains, and use the same API in order to start wherever they are most comfortable

In addition to this underlying ledger infrastructure, ConsenSys delivers world class tooling (through Truffle, Diligence and Codefi) that helps customers rapidly develop solutions on top of QBS infrastructure. Whether you want to create new bespoke solutions or extend existing ones, customers can innovate quickly and deliver solutions with confidence.


Helping Pro Developers go further  faster

Helping Pro Developers go further, faster

We recognize that in building end-to-end solutions, different developers have different skill sets. Some may need to work with blockchain data but don’t want or need to become blockchain experts. We’ve built tools to make this easy.

  • App and Service Developers: Automatically generate and configure REST microservices for smart contract functions and state
  • Data Developers: Publish smart contract events to a SQL Database and generate SQL scripts for tables
  • Report Developers: Publish smart contract events to a Power BI and generate Power BI data set generation code
  • Integration Developers: Publish smart contract events to an event grid or service bus
  • Test Engineers: Generate tests for smart contracts