Getting Started with Quorum Blockchain Service from ConsenSys

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ConsenSys is an industry leader in Ethereum blockchain solutions, with products to support a wide range of applications. Microsoft has selected ConsenSys as the preferred destination for Azure Blockchain Service users. As part of their unique partnership with Microsoft, ConsenSys is offering Azure Blockchain users the chance to migrate to its Quorum Blockchain Service.

Quorum Blockchain Service (QBS) is a fully managed blockchain service that will provide a seamless migration experience for Microsoft customers. With QBS, there is no need for users to manually provision hardware, configure software or set-up networking and security components.

Build a secure blockchain using the most flexible
blockchain-as-a-service offering for the enterprise:

Quickly spin up a blockchain or join an existing blockchain network

Save time and money by focusing on building blockchain networks and applications rather than managing and upgrading services

Build, test and deploy your project quickly on top of production-grade managed infrastructure

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