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Quorum Key Manager

Accelerate enterprise blockchain solution development.

Build with enterprise-grade security, streamline component integrations, and consolidate all
accounts and key management in one place.

Product Benefits

Enterprise-grade security

Store your private keys

Store your private keys in a secure backend system. Choose from Azure Key Vault, AWS Key Management Service, HashiCorp Vault, and HSMs.


Audit the access history and signing request of your keys.

Manage user access

Manage user access rights with authentication and permissioned authorization.

Enterprise grade security

Efficient key management

Manage private keys

Manage your users’ private keys from a single API.

Send ETH transactions

Send Ethereum transactions directly to any Ethereum node (Hyperledger Besu, GoQuorum, Go-Ethereum, etc.) using the Proxy pattern.

Sign Data

Sign data for all your blockchain use-cases using the Pure signer pattern.

Product Features

Product Resources


    Developer Quickstart

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