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Mid Scrum / Dev Project Manager

United States

Mid Scrum / Dev Project Mgr

at Consensys


About ConsenSys:

ConsenSys is the leading blockchain software technology company focused on building infrastructure, tools, and products for consumers, developers and Enterprises. Our mission is to drive adoption of the decentralized worldwide web (Web3) and the Ethereum ecosystem, the only current candidate to be the automatic, objective trust foundation and base settlement layer for the planet.

Consensys products are all clear market leaders in their respective markets: MetaMask, Infura, Truffle, Quorum, Diligence, Codefi. They already power the vast majority of the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem as well as several other decentralized protocols, and are poised to grow by orders of magnitude in the coming years. 

About Infura at ConsenSys:

Infura is the leading infrastructure platform providing scalable and easy to use APIs and cloud solutions for Web3 developers. Infura currently supports Ethereum and IPFS APIs, allowing developers to immediately begin building instead of spending time on architecting their own infrastructure.

Infura provides developers instant access to decentralized and blockchain networks without the need to sync or understand complicated peer to peer infrastructure. Similar to how one might access a cloud service to alleviate the friction of owning proprietary compute and storage, Infura lowers the barrier to entry for engineers to begin building.

We believe in a decentralized future powered by Web3, and we know developers will be at the forefront of that progress. We want to empower developers to spend their time building, creating, and evolving by providing them with the best and easiest solution to their infrastructure needs.

About the Role:

The Agile Scrum / Dev Project Manager for Infura is a key member of the project management team.The Infura team is a fantastic collection of product managers, designers, developers and project managers. Everyone has some experience of agile, some more than others. You will be co-ordinating project delivery with the Infura project management team helping to guide our project stakeholders through the agile development process. This includes proactively managing tickets daily and keeping our development ticket boards up to date. You will be central to ensuring our tickets have meaningful descriptions of the work in scope, accurate estimates, appropriate priority, are correctly linked to the associated EPIC and provide a clear definition of done.


Getting all the right stakeholders across the Infura team involved is super important. You will play a key role in helping to plan sprint ceremonies so that stakeholders are participating and informed. During sprint planning or backlog grooming you will be keeping a watchful eye on our boards and managing them in real time.


Infura is constantly looking at where we can make improvements. With that in mind it is necessary to understand how projects are doing and where we can do better. You will play your part in that by tracking & reporting on project team metrics leveraging JIRA or other tool capabilities. Our goal is to be able to truly visualise work, to see what's in the backlog waiting, what is currently in progress, and what have we successfully delivered. This visibility will help the project management team plan more efficiently & support our team in managing their workload.


Our goal is to successfully deliver Infura products that delight our customers. We believe in following these key success factors across all of our projects.

  • Project predictability: Using sprint backlogs and burndown charts to increase the visibility of work to aid effective planning.
  • Quality: Ensuring both development & end to end testing are integrated parts of our agile project execution.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Ensuring product managers are part of our end to end agile project execution advocating for our customers.


We are looking for a Agile Scrum / Dev Project Manager to deliver Infura software development projects. This job is right for you if you have worked with a software development team using agile methodologies before. You know Jira well and are comfortable setting up sprints, running reports, and creating queries. You are a good communicator and can produce a status report project telling the story of our team's metrics leveraging JIRA.  Big bonus points if you have any certification in Agile.


Some things to know about us, we are a remote first company, with team members all over the world. We strive to reduce meetings, respect work life balance, promote diversity, and generally be good people. We depend on each other not only to make an amazing product but to be a group that wants to succeed together.

Competitive benefits

We have a comprehensive and competitive benefits package to make sure we’re looking after you and what matters most.


We believe in ownership and want everyone to have a stake in our future success, that’s why you’ll receive equity when you join us.

Recognized in the blockchain and Web3 ecosystem

Working at ConsenSys is a tremendous reference for your career. You’ll join a network of entrepreneurs and technologists that extends across the global crypto ecosystem.

Continuous learning & opportunities

We provide ongoing growth and development through on-the-job learning, and the ConsenSys Advance Program which includes full access to Coursera, bespoke and technical learning programs and ConsenSys Academy our world-class blockchain and Ethereum program.

Unlimited vacation/holidays

We value downtime to recharge and reset, ensuring everyone at ConsenSys has work/life balance. In addition, company-wide we participate in “zero productivity” days to take a break from work, shut down, and sit back and relax.

Flexible working arrangements

With our global workforce we have fine-tuned asynchronous working which means we have a lot of flexibility in the structure of when we work and how we work together.

Remote first

You’ll be joining a team based all over the world. Providing the unique opportunity to work with people from across 6 continents.