The Universal Token for Assets and Payments

On-Demand Webinar
A Unique Ethereum Standard for Both Centralized and Decentralized Finance Use Cases

Blockchain technology and more specifically the emergence of programmable tokens have enabled the creation of digital currencies and assets. Thus far in the Ethereum space, the ERC20 and ERC1400 tokens have set the standards for token functionality within both decentralized finance and also more centralized financial industry use cases. Today we introduce the evolution in token standards: The Universal Token for Assets and Payments, a token designed to accommodate a much wider range of use cases. 

The modularity of the Universal Token for Assets and Payments will enable both enterprises and developers to issue ANY type of asset, be it a DeFi derivative, loan or mortgage, a retail or wholesale CBDC, any type of financial instrument, an invoice, contract, or even collectible, or gaming asset. The Universal Token for Assets and Payments includes several new features that can easily be activated or deactivated depending on use case. It is compatible with ERC20 and ERC1400, and was inspired by ERC2020 and Hash Time Locked Contract (HTLC) implementations. This webinar will walk through the following:

  • The architecture, features, and target use cases of the Universal Token for Assets and Payments 
  • How the Universal Token works alongside the Codefi Assets API
  • How to use Codefi Assets and the Universal Token to create advanced blockchain platforms


Matthieu Bouchaud
Codefi Assets Product Lead
Gauthier Petetin
Codefi Assets Technical Product Lead

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