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This paper provides an overview of the history and current state of CBDC as well as an example of how a CBDC could be designed and built on the Ethereum blockchain.

The main topics covered include:

  • Cryptocurrencies, stablecoins and the rise of digital money
  • Introduction to central bank digital currencies
  • Benefits of digital currencies for central banks and the economy
  • Requirements for successful implementation of CDBC
  • Proposed architecture for Ethereum-based central bank money


Authors: Matthieu Bouchaud, Tom Lyons, Matthieu Saint Olive, Ken Timsit

Contributors: Shailee Adinolfi, Benjamin Calmejane, Guillaume Dechaux, Faustine Fleuret, Vanessa Grellet, Joyce Lai, Monica Singer

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  • DeFi for Institutions
    DeFi for Institutions
    DeFi for Institutions
    Decentralized Finance (DeFi) unlocks untold amounts of economic opportunity. Financial institutions, crypto enterprises, exchanges, and funds seek to engage and capitalize on opportunities created by this new economic system. ConsenSys offers several blockchain solutions to facilitate entry and participation in DeFi.
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    NFT Experiences
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  • Payments and Digital Currencies
    Payments and Digital Currencies
    Payments and Digital Currencies
    Today, central banks, banks, and financial institutions face numerous challenges—from huge clearing and settlement expenses, and slow and costly cross-border payments, to the declining use of physical cash—ConsenSys’ digital currency solution can help improve wholesale, retail, and cross-border payments with new payment infrastructure.
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    Asset Management
    Asset Management
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    Capital Markets
    Capital Markets
    In recent decades, capital market infrastructure has been subjected to complicated rules, red tape, and liability. The risks incur high operational costs, hindering companies by hurting the bottom line, and dissuading potential customers by raising the bar of entry. ConsenSys’ blockchain products address these pain points to facilitate rapid security issuance, transparent sales and trading, seamless digital asset management, and instant clearing and settlement.
  • Blockchain and Ethereum
    Blockchain and Ethereum

    For Developers

    Blockchain Development
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