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Last update: July 4, 2022

Quorum Blockchain Service support

The tier of service chosen for your Quorum Blockchain Service (QBS) member determines the level of support you receive from ConsenSys.

  • The Development tier comes with Bronze support, which allows you to submit support tickets with a 1-2 business day response time.
  • The Business tier comes with Silver support, which allows you to submit higher severity (S2) support tickets with a 4 business hour response time.
  • The Enterprise tier comes with Gold support, which allows you to submit highest severity (S1) support tickets with a 1 hour response time, 24/7. Enterprise support is ideal for production Web3 solutions built on QBS.
Ticket category Type of requests First response time Bronze support Silver support Gold support
S4 - Low General knowledge requests 2 business days
S3 - Normal Day-to-day operational errors 1 business day
Production environment only S2 - High Core/significant processing capability is limited 4 business hours
Production environment only S1 - Urgent Core functionality is compromised/inaccessible 1 hour (24/7)

Get support

If you need technical support and you’re already registered with QBS, create a ticket using our support portal.

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