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Last update: November 26, 2021


GoQuorum can be installed using Ansible on a linux VM or OSX machine. Additionally, you can use the same role in conjuction with other orchestration tooling like Terraform.


You can use an Ansible Galaxy role to install, configure, and run GoQuourum

Install the role

The first step is to include the role in the requirements.yaml file with any other roles that you use. For example the Prometheus exporter roles below publishes system metrics that can be scraped with Prometheus

# requirements.yaml
  - src: consensys.goquorum
    version: 0.1.0
  - src: undergreen.prometheus-node-exporter
    version: v1.4.0
  - src: undergreen.prometheus-exporters-common
    version: v1.2.0

Then install the role:

ansible-galaxy install --role-file requirements.yaml

Use the role

After you install the role, create a file called goquorum.yml where you can define variables to configure GoQuorum. For example, you can configure the JSON-RPC service as follows:

# goquorum.yml
- hosts: localhost
  connection: local
  force_handlers: True

  - role: consensys.goquorum
      goquorum_version: vX.Y.Z
      goquorum_consensus_algorithm: "istanbul"
      goquorum_genesis_path: "/path/to/genesis_file"
      goquorum_http_enabled: true
      goquorum_http_port: 8545
      goquorum_http_api: ["admin","db","eth","debug","miner","net","web3","quorum","ibft"]
      goquorum_http_cors_origins: ["all"]
      goquorum_http_virtual_hosts: ["all"]

Run the file as follows:

ansible-playbook -v /path/to/goquorum.yml
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