Institutional Staking on Ethereum

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Earn optimized rewards for staking Ethereum with ConsenSys, the software engineering leader at the forefront of Ethereum blockchain development.
Stake Ethereum with the best there is.

In 2021, the Decentralized Finance—or DeFi—ecosystem grew by over 20x. It has attracted millions of users and many of the world’s leading financial institutions with yields that far outweigh those in traditional finance.

Staking Ethereum rewards institutions for securing the network and participating in Ethereum’s migration toward a cleaner and greener Proof-of-Stake blockchain. Rewards currently stand at 5.6% APY and may increase after the Merge, when transaction fees that presently go to Proof-of-Work miners begin to be awarded to stakers.

Staking, however, is complicated.

  • The deposit process requires multiple keys and a carefully constructed payload to ensure a stake is successfully recognized by the Beacon Chain.
  • Maintaining staking infrastructure 24/7 generates significant operational risks. Technical bugs, software failures, and connectivity issues can jeopardize rewards, while key mismanagement and transaction problems can lead to a loss of principal funds.

Codefi Staking helps eliminate these risks. We enable institutions to achieve optimized ETH staking rewards, and leverage ConsenSys’ leading industry position to do it better than anyone else.

How it works

Staking Made Simple

Staking Ethereum with Codefi Staking is more straightforward than ever, and is available via an API or platform interface. We’ve got a six step process.


Sign terms
and conditions


Login and
click ‘stake’


Onboard onto the
platform (1-2 days)


Specify a group for your stake, the withdrawal credential, and the desired ETH value


We craft the payload(s) and trigger the transactions in your wallet


Sign the

And you’re all set! Your validator is up and running, securing the Ethereum network, and earning rewards.

Product Benefits

Built for institutions


  • Non-custodial staking
  • Optimized rewards on staked ETH
  • Independent validator management
  • Top-grade infrastructure security
  • Simple staking experience
Built for institutions

Best-in-class validator operations


  • Robust key management
  • Protected key vault
  • Run on Teku, the only institutional-grade client
  • Reliable processes
  • Continuous high performance
Best in class validator operations
We are the world   s foremost expert in Ethereum technology

We are the world’s foremost expert in Ethereum technology


ConsenSys is the engineering and infrastructure leader at the forefront of the enterprise blockchain ecosystem, offering unrivaled Ethereum expertise.

Work closely with the product teams running Infura’s industry-leading blockchain infrastructure, building Teku, the only institutional-grade consensus layer validator client, and creating the official deposit contract portal.

  • 100k+ developers using our managed infrastructure
  • $1B+ in tokenization projects, digital assets, and currencies
  • 10B+ transactions executed on-chain
  • 300+ blockchain and digital transformation engagements
  • 80% less custom code needed to deploy blockchain solutions
Earn rewards on Ethereum 2.0 with Codefi Staking