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Codefi Staking

Institutional Staking for

Ethereum 2.0

Capitalize on the revenue opportunity of Ethereum 2.0 without the technical and operational complexities of running an independent validator.

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Ethereum 2.0 Staking Made Simple

Billions of dollars have already been staked by thousands of validators securing the Beacon Chain of Ethereum 2.0. Businesses that differentiate effectively from Web3 competitors will be among the first to address emerging customer demands requiring validator services.

However, becoming a validator is complicated. Maintaining validator infrastructure and fulfilling responsibilities generates both overhead and risk exposure.

While technical bugs, software failures, and connectivity issues can jeopardize rewards, mismanagement of keys and transaction problems can lead to a loss of principal funds. These are the risks Codefi Staking helps eliminate.

Codefi Staking enables institutions to stake their own ETH or their customers’ ETH without the complexities of operating independent validator nodes.

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Product Benefits

Significantly reduced technical risks

Secure funds

Guarantee customer fund security by working with multiple, optimized, open-source validator clients.

Optimized operations

Automatically shift between client implementations upon sub-optimal functionality.

Reliable processes

Prevent slashable transactions with smart signer tools.

Significantly reduced technical risks

Increased rewards generation

Earn rewards of up to 20% annually on staked ETH.

Increased rewards generation

Best-in-class validator key and transaction security

Protected key vault

Secure validator keys in an off-chain vault controlled by a smart signer gateway.

Robust key management

Use robust processes for key generation and distribution.


Top-grade security

Leverage certified platform audits and multiple layers of gatekeepers to validate transactions and prevent unauthorized key usage.

Best in class validator key and transaction security

Easy and efficient validator management

Simplified customer experience

Streamline the customer journey with smooth onboarding, accurate performance tracking, and reporting.

Seamless custody integrations

Work with external digital custody solutions. We never take custody of your ETH.

Continuous high performance

Retain 24/7 alerts, dedicated support, and customer service.

Easy and efficient validator management

The ConsenSys Advantage

ConsenSys is the engineering and infrastructure leader at the forefront of the enterprise blockchain ecosystem, offering unrivalled Ethereum expertise. Work closely with the product teams running industry-leading blockchain infrastructure, building a major Ethereum 2.0 validator client, and creating the official deposit contract portal.


    Developers using our 
managed infra
    In tokenization projects, launches, digital assets and currencies
    Transactions executed on blockchains
    Blockchain and digital transformation engagements
    Less custom code needed, deploying on public or private chains
Stake and earn rewards without the complexities

Stake and earn rewards without the complexities.


  • Use of the enterprise-grade Teku validator client
  • A secure validator signing vault protected by a smart signer gateway
  • Customer onboarding and reporting tools showing rewards, account balances, and technical statistics on one dashboard
  • Validator orchestration including alerts, starting, stopping, and switching of client implementations for optimal performance
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Codefi Staking is powered by Teku

Teku is the Ethereum 2.0 client for institutional staking, built to meet institutional standards and security requirements.

Codefi Staking is powered by Teku

Learn more about Ethereum 2.0

Visit our Eth2 knowledge base for educational resources. Find out how to install an enterprise-grade Eth2 client, how to run your own validator, and how to get Eth2 data analytics.

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