Case Studies and Client Stories

Read about some of ConsenSys Codefi's software deployments across digital asset and wealth management, capital markets, digital currencies and stablecoins, decentralized networks, institutional staking, and more.

Codefi Case Studies

  • MetaMask Mockup 3
    MetaMask Mockup 3
    MetaMask Swaps: Removing User Frictions from P2P Trading
    MetaMask and Codefi collaborated to create MetaMask Swaps, a feature that draws information from multiple decentralized exchange aggregators, professional market makers, and individual DEXs to ensure users have the best pricing information with the lowest network fees.
  • codefi ct tokenizing
    codefi ct tokenizing
    Mata Capital: Catalyzing real estate investments with blockchain technology
    Blockchain for real estate asset management. French investment fund, Mata Capital, partners with Codefi Assets to tokenize three funds worth a combined total of €350m, promoting trust, transparency and efficiency for real estate investors.
  • HMLR
    HMLR: Exploring real estate asset tokenization in the UK
    Using Codefi Assets, ConsenSys customized a digital asset management platform for Her Majesty’s Land Registry in under 3 weeks. The platform demonstrates real asset tokenization as part of HMLR’s exploration of blockchain technology in the UK real estate industry.

Codefi Client Stories

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