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ConsenSys Highlights Product Development at 1st Ethereal Summit in Tel Aviv

Founders, investors, creatives, and technologists converged at Sheva in Tel Aviv to accelerate the development and adoption of blockchain technology.
by ConsenSysSeptember 15, 2019
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Founders, investors, creatives, and technologists converged at Sheva in Tel Aviv to accelerate the development and adoption of blockchain technology.

Tel Aviv, Israel— Sunday, ConsenSys kicked off its first international Ethereal Summit, hosting 75 speakers across 3 stages. Keynote speakers Joe Lubin, founder of ConsenSys, and Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum, were joined by technologists and thought leaders from eToro, Facebook’s Calibra, Binance, Microsoft, Gemini and many more.

The conference celebrated the entrepreneurial spirit of Israel, which is home to over 6,000 start-ups according to MIT Technology Review. Over the course of the Ethereal Summit, ConsenSys’ own entrepreneurial network of founders, technologists and creators unveiled a new business vertical, ConsenSy Codefi, announced a local partnership with Israel-based QEDIT and showcased portfolio company developments. 


ConsenSys announced the launch of Codefi, a suite of tools and services that comprise an “operating system” to help enterprises and consumers maximize the benefit from profound digital transformation in commerce and finance. Delivering  Codefi provides the capability to digitize assets and financial instruments, including payments, equities, lending, and real estate.


Kaleido, an award-winning enterprise blockchain cloud provider backed by ConsenSys, announced a partnership with QEDIT,  an Israel-based leader in zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) cryptography. By offering QEDIT’s solution in the Kaleido Marketplace, the partnership is set to make privacy click-button simple for enterprises standing up their own blockchain solutions. True to Kaleido’s mission to offer flexibility and choice, and in collaboration with JPMorgan’s Quorum team, new zero-knowledge token transfer capabilities are also being announced on the Kaleido platform, leveraging the Zether protocol underpinned by Sigma-Bullets with JPMorgan’s anonymity extension.


Today, Aztec, an efficient zero-knowledge privacy protocol to enable private transactions on the Ethereum mainnet, announced its global ceremony ‘Ignition,’ as well as a further round of investment. Coinbase, and A.Capital participated, and Aztec received follow-on investment from ConsenSys, Entrepreneur First and Charlie Songhurst.

About Ethereal Summit:
Ethereal Summit is a global series of conferences, championing those building the infrastructure and applications driving blockchain tech, in addition to providing a platform for the cultural and humanistic aspects of the decentralization movement. For more information, please visit:

About ConsenSys:
ConsenSys is a blockchain company dedicated to transforming the world’s digital architecture toward a more open, inclusive, and secure internet of value, commonly called Web3. With a more trustworthy internet architecture, ConsenSys is helping enterprises and governments unlock new business models and value, gain efficiencies through a shared IT infrastructure, and utilize modern cryptographic methods to safeguard private user data. Through our unique global business comprised of a startup incubator, Enterprise Ethereum ​consulting arm, and ​investment fund​, ConsenSys is building for the decentralized future. For more information, please visit ​​

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