Hitachi Solutions Partners With ConsenSys to Bring Ethereum to Japan

Hitachi Solutions will work with ConsenSys to streamline the development of decentralized applications, enabling trustless and secure transactions with PegaSys Plus.
by ConsenSysMarch 29, 2020
Hitachi and ConsenSys Hero

Tokyo, Japan—ConsenSys announced today a partnership with Hitachi Solutions, Hitachi’s systems integration, enterprise consulting, and core IT subsidiary. Starting April 1st, 2020, Hitachi will offer PegaSys Plus, the commercial implementation of the enterprise Ethereum client Hyperledger Besu, to the Japanese market through a reseller agreement.

Hitachi Solutions and ConsenSys will collaborate to provide comprehensive services and solutions for decentralized applications built on PegaSys Plus, from the introduction of PoCs to development, operation, and client education.

As companies accelerate their digital transformations, blockchain is gaining attention as a means of transforming business models in various fields such as financial services, healthcare, supply chain and logistics and retail. 

Blockchain-based systems enable users to transact in a trustless and distributed manner. Records are shared and verified to prevent fraudulent transactions without the need for a centralized third party, reducing costs and enhancing efficiency. 

Hitachi Solutions has partnered with ConsenSys to sell PegaSys Plus and bring the benefits of Enterprise Ethereum to the Japanese market.  Ethereum is widely considered the most advanced programmable blockchain and is used by enterprises across the globe. 

PegaSys Plus is an Ethereum blockchain client that supports both Ethereum mainnet and private permissioned chains. Built on the open source Ethereum client Hyperledger Besu, PegaSys Plus is backed by ConsenSys and offers enterprise grade features and client services. It is designed to satisfy the reliability, ease of use, and security requirements of enterprise environments through the following features:

1. A blockchain platform suited for both public and private blockchain networks

“PegaSys Plus” is a commercial-licensed Ethereum client built on Hyperledger Besu. It is designed to better manage clients in a production environment and provides additional enterprise features such as security configuration, event streaming, and advanced monitoring.

2. Ensure security with database encryption

Protect your data at rest by encrypting your blockchain’s internal database. Securely store your encryption key in a keystore or vault (such as Hashicorp Vault). If a hacker tries to tamper with your data, even if they have access to it, they cannot read it, as it is encrypted.

3. Ensure network reliability with real-time tracking and monitoring

Monitor and measure metrics in real time and displays the status of nodes in the network. By measuring metrics such as when a node last generated a block or performance degradation, the user can understand the situation in real time and solve problems before they affect the business.

4. Track events in real time to ensure network availability

Track real-time events in the blockchain, such as when a block or transaction arrives or drops in the network, and notifies team members of a specific event. With event streaming, monitor websocket-based events, enabling scalable and reliable event tracking.

Features of Distributed Applications Using PegaSys Plus

By building on PegaSys Plus, clients can build trading platforms that leverage the benefits of blockchain and improve the efficiency of transaction-based businesses. These benefits extend to many fields, such as the trading of digital assets, digitization of financial products, points and electronic coupons, supply chain management, track & trace, and origination and certification.

“I’m thrilled to be able to announce the partnership between Hitachi Solutions and ConsenSys. We think Japan has the potential to be one of the fastest growing blockchain markets in the world over the coming years, and I am eager to drive that growth with Hitachi. We are committed to bringing our stack of products to Japan and working with the best partner possible to make Japan a global leader in the space,” said ConsenSys Founder and CEO Joseph Lubin. 

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  1.  Hyperledger Besu is a Java-based Ethereum client that supports both public mainnet and private permissioned networks, with both Proof of Work and Proof of Authority consensus.
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