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Press Release

du’s BPaaS-based Use Cases Lead the Blockchain Revolution in the UAE

by ConsenSysApril 3, 2019

du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), is showcasing cutting edge innovations at the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai from April 2-3, 2019. The telco is highlighting solutions in support of the UAE Blockchain Strategy – enabling all government entities to transform their current and future activities with the goal of making them digital by the year 2021, as per HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum’s, Crown Prince of Dubai, paperless vision. The blockchain initiative by Smart Dubai also supports the objective of making Dubai the smartest and happiest city on Earth.

“Blockchain technology is at the heart of the region’s technology transformation. Designed for transparency, it provides advanced transactional data security and provenance of transactions,” said Farid Faraidooni, Deputy CEO – Enterprise Solutions, EITC. “By building on top of our BPaaS, du’s new use cases are an important step towards providing smart solutions that create efficiencies for government transactions leading up to 2021. We are excited to showcase, along with our esteemed partners, solutions that will usher in the region’s digital future.”

‘Digital inspections and permits’

Through its partnership with ConsenSys, a leading blockchain solutions provider and venture production studio, du is building decentralized applications and offering an integrated set of solutions for the blockchain ecosystem.

This solution features a digital inspection checklist which can be filled, and the inspector will assign a number of signatories to approve /reject on the form to generate the final permit. It will have an executive dashboard for the authorized entities to see how many documents have been approved/rejected or are pending for a specific reason. Use cases include inspection processes (food, consumer goods, buildings), institutional permits (clinics, schools) as well as individuals permits.

‘Document attestation’

Part of the Blockchain Platform as a Service (BPaaS), document attestation solution uses contract capabilities that will facilitate and automate the process of attesting any document by governmental entities. The proposed solution allows government employees to attest or accredit documents and stamp the document on the blockchain once validated. From there on, any employer or individual can instantly verify the validity of the attested document via a web browser or a mobile-based application.

“The showcasing of these groundbreaking solutions marks the next phase of our collaboration with du who remain at the forefront of blockchain adoption in the region. By providing access to a robust and scalable platform to develop, test and manage blockchain applications, ConsenSys is helping entities from various sectors reduce costs, increase efficiency and together create this decentralized world that we have envisioned,” said Rami Maalouf, Solutions Managing Director, ConsenSys MENA.

The above use cases are built on the Blockchain Platform as a Service (BPaaS), a cloud native blockchain infrastructure that can provision private blockchain networks with a high level of customization, support multiple consensus algorithms with monitoring, managing capabilities and smart contract capabilities in addition to supporting multi-protocols.

BPaaS platform offers an easy way to explore new technology and how it can be used to help businesses access and develop blockchain-based applications. They can then focus on the business use case itself as it plays across all industries including government, financial services, insurance, supply chain, healthcare, education and more.


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