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Press Release

ConsenSys Announces Partnership with Security Token Advisory Firm Satis Group

Partnership will provide security token issuers and investors with a rapidly maturing ecosystem and bolster ConsenSys Digital Securities’ advisory services capacity
by ConsenSysMarch 28, 2019
ConsenSys August Debouzy Blockchain Case Study for Security Token Offerings hero

Market leading blockchain developer ​ConsenSys​ is proud to announce a strategic partnership with ​Satis Group LLC​ now d/b/a ​ConsenSys Digital Securities LLC (Satis), a premier advisory firm for Security Token Offerings (STOs) and digital asset structuring.

“ConsenSys remains a strong believer in protocol-based open platforms and associated consumer utility tokens. Recent successful launches such as FOAM and VirtuePoker will be followed this year by the release of other tokenized platforms. Experiments from ConsenSys Token Foundry, such as ‘TCR Party’ have achieved great traction. Yet quite some time ago, ConsenSys also realized the impact tokenization will have in transforming global financial markets and we have been preparing accordingly. This partnership underscores ConsenSys’ commitment to realizing the potential of tokenized financial assets. Satis brings unparalleled STO expertise to ConsenSys’ technology, and we all believe that this collaboration will not only be a crucial component of ConsenSys 2.0, but also important in accelerating the evolution of global capital markets.” said Joe Lubin, ConsenSys’ Founder.

The Satis team’s FINRA registered representatives have joined ConsenSys’ broker-dealer, ConsenSys Digital Securities LLC. The combined teams have over $100 million in issuance experience, including conventional securities and private placements as well as security tokens such as BCAP, Science Blockchain, Protos and OFN. ConsenSys Digital Securities aims to provide a full suite of services to issuers who wish to launch STOs either exclusively or as part of a comprehensive private placement offering.

Significantly, the Satis team will also contribute and consult across a substantial number of ConsenSys’ spoke companies specializing in diverse technology beneficial to digital asset use-cases including securities. Such spokes include a contracting platform such as ​OpenLaw​ for natively digital agreements and ​Alethio​ for state of the art tracking and analytics. Pairing the Satis team’s deep industry expertise with ConsenSys’ technology will serve to accelerate development of this rapidly growing ecosystem and multiple ConsenSys teams will see an immediate impact from the collaboration.

“Digital assets have been a focus of ours for quite some time now, and we are committed to the modernization of global financial markets by leveraging blockchain technology. There is still an ample amount of work to be done on multiple fronts, but we have made significant strides in the last year and are very excited to partner with the Satis Group given their domain expertise in tokenized assets,” said Jay Thakrar, Head of Operations at ConsenSys Digital Securities.

“The Satis team is proud of what it has accomplished to-date – but we believe the future of security tokens is extraordinary. Beyond emerging growth companies, we see a wide range of assets benefiting from tokenization, including funds, art and collectibles, real estate, natural resources and data. As a result, we expect the total market capitalization of security tokens to rapidly dwarf the existing cryptocurrency market value of approximately $130Bn. Based on our current view of the market, we expect the total market capitalization of security tokens to exceed $1 Trillion by 2021. We look forward to working alongside ConsenSys and within its technology infrastructure to advance this new asset class and build the strategic partnership.,” said Emma Channing, CEO of Satis Group.

About ConsenSys:
ConsenSys is a global formation of technologists and entrepreneurs building the infrastructure, applications, and practices that enable a decentralized world. At the core, ConsenSys is a venture production studio and blockchain software development consultancy creating decentralized applications (dApps), enterprise solutions and developer tools for blockchain ecosystems, focused primarily on Ethereum. Powered by smart contracts and secured through encryption, our solutions provide the benefits of transparency, auditability, and immutability that are unique to blockchain-based solutions. For more information please visit: ​

About Satis Group:
Satis Group LLC is affiliated as d/b/a with ConsenSys Digital Securities LLC (Member FINRA and SIPC), an asset management investment bank and broker-dealer. As a registered broker-dealer, Satis is one of the few groups who can compliantly operate in the burgeoning Security Token Offering market within the US. The Satis team brings significant expertise to the market and speaks and keynotes regularly at conferences and panels in the US and globally (BTC Miami, SXSW, eMerge Americas, Fluidity, Money Summit, LendIt, Security Token Academy, Summit, Blockchain Economy World Tour, Blockchain Revolution with Don Tapscott, etc.)​.

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