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ConsenSys Announces Three New SaaS Product Freemium Services

Three ConsenSys products have begun offering premium software-as-a-service models to customers of popular Ethereum developer tools and infrastructure services.
by ConsenSysOctober 8, 2019
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Osaka, Japan  — In Q3 2019, three ConsenSys-owned products announced new Software-as-a-Service models to offer service-level agreements to customers, meeting a maturing market for Ethereum infrastructure, analysis, and developer tooling. As the market for feature-rich services and tooling in Ethereum has advanced, so have customers’ needs. In Q3 2019, Infura, MythX and Alethio, launched subscription services to support a range of offerings  — from beginner to enterprise level usage some of the most widely-used security  and infrastructure services on Ethereum Network with infrastructure, data analytics and security audit software.

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Infura+: Improved Ethereum Infrastructure

On July 17th, Ethereum infrastructure provider Infura launched Infura+, a premium subscription service for Infura’s Ethereum API, providing enhanced Ethereum infrastructure support for applications of all sizes. Users can choose from tiered service options—Core, Developer, Team, and Growth—to enable the right-sized plan for bringing their Ethereum-based project from proof-of-concept into global production. Based on the demand from Infura’s existing community of users, paid plans will allow for increased daily usage, custom SLAs, and enhanced customer support—including shorter response times—along with overage handling. Infura will still maintain a free tier to continue encouraging developer growth and adoption of blockchain and Web3 technology.

Infura already serves thousands of unique Ethereum developers and handles billions of requests per day. Launched in 2016 at DevCon2, Infura is the most robust infrastructure-as-a-service providing reliable, scalable access to Ethereum and IPFS (InterPlanetary File System). Over the last year, Infura has maintained 99.95% uptime. As the range of projects depending on Infura for their infrastructure needs has expanded, the new subscription plans will help maintain this high standard of service while adding more features and customization options. With Infura+, users can even access same-day account service to help keep production-ready applications running smoothly.  

Infura Co-Founder E.G. Galano says, “Infura has grown a lot in our first 3 years and so has the Ethereum ecosystem. In the beginning, we set out to bootstrap Web3 by providing free, scalable infrastructure so developers could start building on Ethereum. Now, there are major companies using our service to run their business. In order to continue to meet that growing demand, we are transitioning to a more sustainable business model. With the new range of plans, we can still offer a free service to encourage developer growth and better support larger, in-production applications. The launch of the Infura+ experience is a big step for our team and a sign for the whole ecosystem that Ethereum is maturing.”

On October 4, 2019, Infura became a wholly-owned business unit within ConsenSys.

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MythX Pro: Keeping Ethereum Secure

MythX, the premier security analysis service for Ethereum smart contracts launched MythX Pro today. Now, users of MythX detect a full range of smart contract vulnerabilities and help prevent security breaches  — with a transparent and easy to use DAI-stablecoin subscription service through Daisy Payments

“Over two years ago, our founder and ‘Chief Hacking Officer,’ Bernhard Mueller, created the open source tool Mythril to provide symbolic analysis for smart contracts. To date, this tool has been downloaded over 420,000 times, so clearly there was some demand for it. But running security tools locally is a difficult and resource-intensive process, and new vulnerabilities and techniques are being found all the time. Our team soon realized that in order to keep pace with the technical needs for comprehensive smart contract analysis, we had to build a service including a range of tools, including not only symbolic analysis, but also static and dynamic analysis with fuzzing, all working in concert,” said Tom Lindeman, co-founder of MythX.

Unlike the other security tools, MythX is an all-in-one automated solution that uses a suite of integrated deep analysis microservices that seamlessly work together to help narrow down vulnerability surface area and focus efforts on specific areas of code.

MythX API runs as a SaaS service in the cloud bringing heavy compute power to their dynamic analysis and deep fuzzing capabilities. MythX is integrated with popular development tools like Truffle, Remix and VS Code so teams can easily include security scanning into their daily work flows right from their favorite client tools.

Kaleido, the leading enterprise blockchain business cloud, and MythX also announced a partnership at DevCon 2019. MythX smart contract verification is now available in the Kaleido marketplace, allowing business & organizations to use smart contracts securely, with push-button ease.

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Alethio API PRO

Alethio has released their Blockchain API as a direct way for developers to get real-time access to indexed, synthesised, on-chain Ethereum data in a robust and reliable way. Alethio’s API solves Ethereum’s data fragmentation problem, which keeps many mainnet users from reliably and cleanly accessing blockchain-based data. Developers, investors, businesses, and enthusiasts can now retrieve this on-chain data in a format that better supports their projects and can integrate it with minimal effort, without them having to build or maintain custom indexing infrastructure.

On June 20, 2019, Alethio announced the Alethio API PRO. Anyone can get started with the Alethio API for free to learn more about how the product works and get comfortable with its functionality. Up to 10,000 calls/month are free (with no credit card information required to get started). Alethio uses incremental price tiers, meaning the more requests you make, the less you pay for each request. For more details you can check out the calculator.

To begin using, just follow three simple steps: 

Refer to Alethio’s extensive documentation for details on how to use the endpoints.