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Alethio Opens Data Pipeline for Analyzing Ethereum

Alethio, the Ethereum blockchain data, analytics, and visualization platform is now offering direct access to its data engine via a series of APIs that allow real-time monitoring of accounts and data extracts.
by ConsenSysMarch 5, 2019
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PARIS –Alethio​ built a robust, stable data pipeline of synthesized, real-time Ethereum blockchain data. With ​subscription API access​, Alethio is now opening up its data pipeline to help accelerate dApp development and improve access to meaningful insights on the Ethereum network.

Blockchains store data in ways that most applications find inaccessible. “Alethio’s core API will now help developers, businesses, researchers, or journalists easily access the information that matters most — whether that be a particular address, transaction, token, token sale event, activity, or actor. Based on Alethio’s data pipeline, these intuitive tools provide new ways for teams to quickly and proactively access digestible, real-time Ethereum data in formats that can be better tailored to user and business needs,” said Christian Crowley, Co-Lead, ​Alethio.​

When data is in a state of amnesia

Since the launch of the Ethereum network, there is a river of historical data that simply isn’t useful until transformed into a human-readable format that can be ​analyzed visually​. The first tool the Alethio team released was a user-friendly ​EthStats Explorer​. Fueled by data science, semantic modeling, and machine learning, Alethio’s technology and products sit on top of a living index of the entire Ethereum blockchain and emphasize user experience, custom insights, and meaningful data visualizations.

Data scientists at Alethio have used these tools to explore important issues in the Ethereum network: whether ​mining pools are centralized​, a topology of the m​ajor accounts on the Ethereum network​ (figure 1), a ​visualization of the Gnosis token auction​, a retrospective of the ​EOS token sale​ (figure 3), and activities happening on ​decentralized exchanges​ (figure 2).

New API features and associated Analytics Suite

Block explorers err on the side of comprehensiveness, often displaying data users must navigate through to obtain information or insight that’s relevant at that moment through which to access blockchain data, but this cannot be the only available means. Common block explorers show comprehensive data all on one page. Alethio’s new API and associated Analytics Suite is meant to offer a flexible range of dynamic access pathways to only show the data you need, more directly and ​efficiently.

The API is designed to provide a full ​annotated history​ for any account, reveal the entire network of smart contract interactions​, show analysis of ​value flow​ of on-chain asset transfers, and is all backed up by Alethio’s enterprise-grade ​REST API​ big data infrastructure.

Alethio API
The API is designed around the frequent needs and pain points of the Ethereum developer community and features a powerful data model with interlinked, aggregated responses, in line with best practices and standards such as ​EthOn​ and ​JSON:API​.

Alethio Monitoring
Actively monitor any external account or smart contract. Set custom threshold or behavior based alerts based on what matters most to you and your business. Receive push notifications via the medium of your choosing. From actively tracking competitive activity to ensuring the security of your deployed smart contract, Alethio Monitoring helps you sift through the noise and ensure you stay ahead of important on-chain activity to enhance your decision making. Check out the ​demo video​.

Alethio Reporting
Alethio Reporting provides users access to structured, semantic Ethereum data sets that are tailored to their specific business and research needs. The queries are customizable and available on-demand; they satisfy a wide variety of use cases and serve as a foundation to generate recurring reports on a designated schedule. Users may integrate visualization and business intelligence tools in conjunction with Alethio Reporting data to realize diverse analytical solutions for Ethereum. Check out the ​demo video​.

These tools will be linked by a forthcoming ‘one Alethio’ account and are intimately linked by Alethio’s underlying data pipeline. They will continue to evolve and coalesce into a modular, holistic blockchain analytics and intelligence solution.

Importantly for enterprises, Alethio has architected these tools to be fully deployable on private, permissioned, and semi-permissioned Ethereum networks. Alethio is also actively working to integrate with Pantheon, Kaleido, Viant, and Adhara, among other Enterprise-focused partners.

About Alethio:
Alethio​ is a powerful blockchain data, analytics, & visualization platform. Fueled by data science, semantic modeling, and machine learning, our technology focuses on applications and smart contracts, not just blocks and transactions. Our products sit on top of a living index of the entire Ethereum blockchain and emphasize user experience, custom insights, and meaningful data visualizations. With our platform, users can clearly see the data points and patterns that matter to them most, and in real time. Alethio offers direct access to its data engine via a series of APIs. Our platform is also fully deployable on private, Ethereum-based blockchain networks.

About ConsenSys:
ConsenSys​ is transforming our present digital architecture toward a more open, inclusive, and secure internet of value, commonly called Web3. With a more trustworthy internet architecture, we are helping individuals, enterprises, and governments unlock new business models and value, gain efficiencies through a shared IT infrastructure, and utilize cutting-edge cryptographic methods to safeguard private user data. We accomplish this through our unique global business developing the Ethereum blockchain, comprised of a ​startup incubator​, ​Enterprise Ethereum​ ​consulting​ arm, and ​investment fund​.