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Here Are 40 Crypto Twitter Accounts That Really Matter

Multiple hours every day is not an exaggeration. It happens. Let me explain…
by ConsensysJanuary 31, 2019
I Read Crypto Twitter for Hours Daily     Here Are the 40 Accounts That Really Matter
I Read Crypto Twitter for Hours Daily — Here Are the 40 Accounts That Really Matter

My Happy Place

Twitter is many things. It is a special place to vent and share ideas in the form of memes and tweetstorms, diatribes and inquisitions. It contains a section to catch up on sports, worldwide events, breaking news — everything. Of course, Twitter also provides a home for trolls and fear mongering, and may one day be made redundant by blockchain tech — but as of now, Twitter’s viability as an informational source is undeniable.

Let me tell you about the best group on Twitter, the community that elevates Twitter from a time-sucking social media platform to an arena for meaningful engagement and (mostly) healthy discourse. Yes, it still has dank memes and trolls, but it also has class, shared values, and common belief that the world can be a better place through the implementation of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. That’s right, CryptoTwitter is my happy place.

I thought long and hard about ordering this list but eventually decided that it would be too difficult and entirely subjective…

Who are the best people to follow on CryptoTwitter for Ethereum?

Vitalik Buterin

Widely known as a co-founder of Ethereum, a person who’s definitely not giving away ETH, and potential space alien(still awaiting confirmation on this one). He transparently engages with other users, responds to most non-trolls, and provides some of the greatest insights of anyone on all things blockchain.

Vlad Zamfir

A self-described absurdist, troll, Vlad is an Ethereum developer leading the transition to proof of stake on Ethereum. Vocal of CryptoTwitter, he also frequently discusses blockchain governance, cryptoeconomics, and other blockchain scalability proposals.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos

The Godfather himself. He’s one of the foremost bitcoin and blockchain experts, has authored multiple best-selling books including, “Mastering Bitcoin”, “Mastering Ethereum”, and is all around one of the most beloved and respected individuals in the crypto world. He’s so beloved that many crypto enthusiasts joined together to donate $1.6 million to Andreas for his tireless commitment to the community.

Joseph Lubin

Co-founder of Ethereum and founder of ConsenSys, Joe tweets frequently and is one of the best accounts to get updates and information about Ethereum. He’s a must follow for anyone interested in Ethereum or projects developing on the leading smart contract platform.

Gavin Wood

Co-founder of Ethereum and founder of Parity Technologies, Gavin is currently building Polkadot — a network built to connect private/consortium chains, public/permissionless networks, oracles, and future technological developments.

Naval Ravikant

A man who needs no introduction, but here’s one anyway. He is the CEO and co-founder of AngelList. Additionally, he co-founded Metastable Capital, CoinList, Republic, and is an investor in over 100 companies. Most notably, Naval has become a modern-day philosopher, known for his discussions and tweetstorms about technology — what he calls the intersection between science and money. After a tweetstorm don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself unable to sleep, attempting to understand the future implications of crypto.

Taylor Monahan

Taylor Monahan is the founder & CEO of MyCrypto and previously founded MEW(myetherwallet). This college dropout is one of the best people to follow and consistently provides awesome crypto perspectives. She’s also curating her own list of people to follow CryptoTwitter.

Nick Szabo

Nick is a computer scientist and cryptographer known for his early work pioneering digital currencies, blockchain, and even coined the term “smart contracts.” Nick is widely known as one of the world’s foremost experts on bitcoin and blockchain technology. You can read more on his personal blog.

Simon De la Rouviere

Simon is a blockchain engineer at ConsenSys and co-founder of Ujo Music. He tweets about blockchain, music, and is also an authority on curation markets. He recently started a newsletter that you should subscribe to!

Chris Burniske

Chris started as an analyst at ARKinvest where he led their initial crypto investments, eventually leaving to cofound his own firm, Placeholder VC. Chris also co-authored the book Cryptoassets making him a mandatory follow for anyone who specifically likes discussing cryptoasset investing.

Amber Baldet

A member of Forbes ledger 40 under 40, Amber was previously blockchain program lead at JP Morgan developing Quorum and is now CEO of Clovyr building an ecosystem of applications and services for public and permissioned blockchain networks. If you need any other reason to follow her, some of her favorite things include whiskey, capital markets, 1930’s jazz, and smashing the patriarchy.

Martin Köppelmann

Martin is the CEO and co-founder of Gnosis prediction market, DAO(decentralized autonomous organization) expert, and all around one of the most brilliant people you’ll ever meet. Did I mention he really likes DAO’s?

John Wolpert

Previously the co-founder of IBM’s blockchain initiative and Hyperledger, John now focuses on Ethereum at ConsenSys. Follow him especially for his great technical insights into both enterprise and public blockchains.

Preethi Kasireddy

With previous work experience at Goldman Sachs, A16Z, and Coinbase it’s no surprise that Preethi became a CryptoTwitter celebrity. As the founder and CEO of TruStory she is very active on Twitter and provides some of the most factual and honest information available via her tweets and on TruStory.

Lane Rettig

Lane is an Ethereum and Ewasm core developer who’s known for asking hard questions. He recently announced Etherean a community where people can discuss social scalability and the greater implications of an Ethereum empowered world.

Andrew Keys

Andrew is head of global business development at ConsenSys with prior expertise in capital markets, technology, and as an entrepreneur. He’s become known for his yearly crypto market predictions and market insights.

Richard Burton

Richard is the CEO at Balance building a web-based and mobile wallet for Ethereum-based tokens. He’s extremely active on Twitter(possessing almost as many tweets as followers) and one of the greatest advocators for decentralized finance. He’s a must follow for people interested in MakerDAO, stablecoins, and other #defi applications.

Emin Gün Sirer

A renown professor and blockchain researcher at Cornell, Emin is also co-director of IC3, an Initiative for Cryptocurrencies and Contracts. Additionally, he co-founded bloXroute Labs, a software company that aims to develop a layer 0 solution for blockchain scalability.

Yan Zhu

In short, she’s a badass. The high school dropout has come along way to become the Chief Security Officer at Brave, the company behind basic attention token. She’s incredibly active with over 16k tweets and has one of the most adorable pet rabbits.

Evan Van Ness

He runs weekinethereum.com, the go-to news source, and newsletter for developer updates, scalability news, and important upcoming dates for Ethereum. He currently works at ConsenSys with a mission to decentralize everything.

Mike McDonald

He’s a security engineer, a partner at Walden Bridge Capital and creator of https://mkr.tools. Mike post frequently about decentralized finance topics and helps run the stablecoin index with Myles Snider.

Fred Ersham

Previously, co-founder of Coinbase, Fred has moved on to co-found cryptoasset investment firm, Paradigm. He’s an investor in many top crypto firms and companies. While less active on Twitter, I’d follow him because he’s going to do some cool shit in the future and you don’t want to miss it.

Laura Shin

Even though she’s a noncoiner (someone who doesn’t own any cryptoassets), Laura started two of the most popular crypto podcasts, Unchained, and Uncomfirmed where she interviews the best minds in the blockchain industry. Her podcasts and tweets often provide new and thoughtful information.

Ari David Paul

No list of CryptoTwitter would be complete without Ari, the CIO of crypto hedge fund, BlockTower Capital. He’s one of the most active personalities on Twitter, providing next level analysis and is a true thought leader in the crypto space. He’s also mastered the art of the twitterstorm.

Alex van de Sande

For the past five years, Alex has been a designer and front end developer for the Ethereum Foundation. He doesn’t shy away from speaking his mind and provides excellent insights, especially for those concerned about potential human-machine conflicts resulting from the crypto revolution.

Josh Stark

Josh is the co-founder of L4, a firm building Web3 and conducting cutting-edge cryptoeconomic research. L4 manages multiple projects ranging from Counterfactual — a protocol or scalable blockchains — to the StableFund, a co-venture with MakerDAO providing initial capital to developers who are building applications using DAI. He also settled the ethereum vs. Ethereum debate.

John Lilic

One of the earlier ConsenSys members, advisor to multiple crypto companies, and co-founder of Code to Inspire, John has become a prominent voice on CryptoTwitter. He tweets often about Ethereum, Bitcoin, global social issues, and energy markets.

Jackson Palmer

Jackson is the creator of meme cryptocurrency, Dogecoin. He also created arewedecentralizedyet and consistently provides excellent viewpoints about blockchain technology. His youtube channel is filled with some of the best crypto introductory videos available. *As of April 2019, Jackson has left Twitter and Youtube.

Jeremy Gardner

A self-described bringer of ruckus, Jeremy has co-founded multiple companies including Augur, Blockchain Education Network, Distributed, SAAVHA, and most recently Ausum Ventures. He is also well known for creating the Cryptocastle — co-living space for crypto entrepreneurs– in San Francisco and recently opened another castle in Miami. He also helps evangelize crypto one misguided father at a time.

Eric Meltzer

Eric, a Peking University dropout has come a long way, now a partner at InBlockchain, China’s largest blockchain-focused fund. His newsletter, proofofwork has become a must-subscribe to news source for updates about crypto projects and cryptoassets.

Vinay Gupta

He helped launch Ethereum in 2015 and also worked at ConsenSys before leaving to found Mattereum, a protocol aimed at making physical and intellectual property transferable. Vinay holds the title for most active on CryptoTwittr with nearly 150k tweets.

Anthony Pompliano AKA Pomp

Pomp has become one of the most vocal advocates for bitcoin and blockchain technology. He’s the founder of Morgan Creek Digital and host of Off the Chain, one of the most popular crypto podcasts. Long bitcoin, short the bankers has become his common refrain.

Ryan Selkis AKA Twobitidiot

Ryan has been in crypto before anyone cared about crypto. His prior experience includes working as an entrepreneur in residence at ConsenSys, co-founder of Digital Currency Group and managing director of Coindesk. He recently co-founded Messari, a firm providing cryptoasset market research. A prolific writer, Ryan writes the must-read crypto newsletter, ironically named Unqualified Opinions.

Jill Carlson

Jill worked as a bond trader at Goldman Sachs before transitioning as a blockchain protocol and cryptoasset researcher at Cambridge University while she completed her masters at Oxford. She has since become an advisor to multiple high profile crypto companies and co-founded the Open Money Initiative — a non-profit that conducts research and builds technology to develop free and open financial systems.

Trent McConaghy

As a serial entrepreneur with two previous exits(ADA and Solido), two critically acclaimed books on machine learning, co-author of over 40 papers and patents, Trent is no stranger to building the future. He now spends his time as CTO of BigchainDB developing Ocean Protocol who’s mission is to break down data and equalize access to data for all. Follow him for all things AI and blockchain.

Meltem Demirors

Benevelont mischief maker and CSO of CoinShares, Meltem is one of the most well-known individuals on CryptoTwitter. Previously she worked as VP of development at Digital Currency Group where she managed a portfolio of 110 cryptocurrencies and companies. Meltem also made the Forbes Ledger 40 under 40 list for people to watch in crypto.

Jeff Coleman

Jeff is a professional technologist that first started as an independent crypto consultant in 2010 before joining Decentral Consulting Services as their CTO. He has committed to everything tech and blockchain ever since, eventually becoming the CTO of Ledger Labs. Most recently, he co-founded CounterFactual, an open-source protocol for scalable blockchain applications.

Brian Armstrong

Brian is the co-founder & CEO of crypto-unicorn, Coinbase as well as co-founder of GiveCrypto. One of the most well-known crypto entrepreneurs, Brian has helped spur the growth of the ecosystem. He often shares life lessons and advice that he has learned while at Coinbase and is a must follow for anyone who wants to be a future crypto entrepreneur. For further evidence of his genius, he found a way to make eating donuts count as user testing.

Nathaniel Whittemore

Nathaniel founded NLW & Co a crypto consultancy firm for companies and investment funds. He’s become most known for his long reads Sunday newsletter in which he expands upon the best twitter threads and long essays of each week.

Sam Cassatt

Renegade futurist and former CSO at ConsenSys, Sam tweets often about technical concepts regarding Ethereum, decentralized finance, and a Web3 future. If you need further reason to follow Sam, he’s also an advocate for code = speech.

Spencer Noon

Spencer has been around the block(dare I say chain), founding BTCity in 2014 and recently founded DTC Capital in 2018. He’s an investor who asks great questions and drives meaningful conversations on CryptoTwitter. He’s currently starting a Miami Web3 developer meetup so for those in the area, be sure to check it out!

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