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Consensys Quorum November 2020 Product Update: Bundles, Support and Leading Features

by ConsensysNovember 5, 2020
Quorum Nov Update

Back in August, ConsenSys announced its acquisition of the open-source protocol project, Quorum, from JP Morgan. With this announcement, ConsenSys debuted its new open-source blockchain protocol offering, ConsenSys Quorum. ConsenSys Quorum is an open-source protocol layer that serves as a foundation for businesses to build public or private Ethereum-based enterprise solutions. ConsenSys Quorum is made up of four layers of open source codebase: client software, private transaction management, external transaction signing, and additional tooling.

The ConsenSys Quorum team has since been busy building the open-source projects within ConsenSys Quorum, including GoQuorum, Hyperledger Besu, Orion, Tessera, and EthSigner. These efforts have resulted in today’s release of the ConsenSys Quorum bundles: the Java-based bundle and the Go-based bundle. These bundles will include binaries for the projects so that you can spin up the projects altogether to start building your application that much quicker. By bundling the Go-based and Java-based versions of ConsenSys Quorum, developers are able to build seamlessly on ConsenSys Quorum.

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What’s Included in each ConsenSys Quorum Bundle?

Quorum Bundles

Enjoy Full Support while Building on ConsenSys Quorum

Once a developer has chosen which bundle to run their blockchain application on, the developer or organization may reach out to the ConsenSys Quorum team, who also offers SLA-based support for its projects. This unique offering enables enterprises to learn best practices, get feedback on architectural decisions, and ask questions with guaranteed response times. ConsenSys is uniquely positioned to provide this offering as the only company building on two Enterprise Ethereum clients. We have provided production support to leading institutions building solutions on Enterprise Ethereum, and we have built use case-based applications that meet business needs on ConsenSys Quorum. This ConsenSys Quorum Release is the next step in ConsenSys’s strategy to provide incomparable offerings to the customers and developers utilizing its projects.

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ConsenSys Quorum’s Roadmap Focuses on Interoperability

In addition to the bundles being released today, ConsenSys Quorum has continued its development work as leaders of Enterprise Ethereum. There are additional features and enhancements to the projects included in this release. First, development focused on interoperability of permissioning and privacy features continues to progress. Also, Hyperledger Besu has made significant progress on mainnet work, including preparing for the Berlin hard fork and working on EIP-1559. GoQuorum’s latest release now includes privacy enhancements and updates to Quorum profiling and reporting. Finally, you may have noticed that all of ConsenSys Quorum’s projects are now using Calendar Versioning (CalVer). Check out this webinar for more information on ConsenSys Quorum’s webinar and technical features. 


Looking Ahead

ConsenSys Quorum continues to drive towards its mission of enabling seamless adoption of blockchain technology. The team continues to execute on its roadmap focusing on interoperability of the open source projects as well as offering best-in-class support to customers. Stay tuned to see how ConsenSys Quorum continues to lead development across Enterprise Ethereum.

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