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ConsenSys at ETHWaterloo 2019: Codefi, PegaSys, Metamask, Gitcoin, Bounties

Check out all the speakers, bounties, and exclusive product access ConsenSys projects are bringing to the original ETHGlobal event—ETHWaterloo.
by Jemayel KhawajaNovember 6, 2019

As far as the global Ethereum community goes, Waterloo, Canada is where it all began. ETHWaterloo is the original event hub of the ETHGlobal series of events and hackathons, which now spreads from Brooklyn to Bangalore and has onboarded thousands of developers into the blockchain ecosystem in the process. Since its inception in 2017, ETHWaterloo has become one of the most anticipated hackathons of the calendar year. 

This year’s edition features a powerful array of the blockchain industry’s most prevalent BUIDLers and influencers, including Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin, alongside scores of teams battling it out to build novel solutions on scores of hackathon challenges. 

As with all major Ethereum-centric gatherings, ConsenSys will play a sizable role in proceedings at ETHWaterloo, with conference speakers, hackathon judges, access to exclusive products, and a swath of bounties all coming from the ConsenSys mesh. 

Check out some of the highlights of ConsenSys bounties and presentations at ETHWaterloo 2019, and come say hi to the team throughout the weekend to learn more about all the latest happenings in Ethereum and at Consensys…



PegaSys—which provides public and private blockchain solutions for enterprise—will fund a $1000 bounty for its recently launched Hyperledger Besu, and open source Ethereum client developed under the Apache 2.0 license. The prize will be funded for the team that can achieve “Best mainnet use-case for Besu.”


Metamask—a bridge from web browsers to Web3 and one of the most heavily used applications in blockchain—recently announced major evolutions in its product line with the Web3 Wallet and Metamask Snaps Plugins. The Metamask hackathon bounty at ETHWaterloo will be for ‘Best Metamask Snaps plugin,’ for teams that integrate Metamask Snaps plugins into their project. 

ConsenSys Grants

ConsenSys Grants—a worldwide gateway for building projects that benefit the Ethereum ecosystem—has initiated ConsenSys Grants Wave III—and you can still apply

To support this Wave, ConsenSys Grants is awarding $1,000 DAI for the best application under one of the following categories: Infrastructure, Dev Tooling, Social Impact, Education, and Security. Remember: all applications must benefit the greater Ethereum ecosystem and be open source projects. 

ConsenSys Labs

ConsenSys Labs, a seed-stage investment fund for open protocols, infrastructure, and applications, recently launched it Relays program for decentralized hackathons. 

The ConsenSys Labs’s Relays team is currently running a new grants program for projects emerging of Hackathons like EthWaterloo and GitCoin’s Web3 World Virtual Hackathon to build great hackathon prototypes into funded and successful startups that add value to the Ethereum ecosystem. You can find more info here.

Further, ConsenSys Labs Partner Min Teo will be a judge for the EthWaterloo hackathon. 

Bounties Network

At ETHWaterloo’19, the Bounties team will initiate a number of activations focused on augmenting the prizes which are normally given out at the hackathon. The team is hosting smaller prizes for teams who ship to production, build artistic projects, address UN Sustainable Development Goals, and more. There are also prizes for more passive participation, like writing poetry about how you feel while at the event. 

All of the above bounties are available at waterloo.bounties.network. The Bounties team will also present a technical workshop on Saturday afternoon about composable smart contracts, based on their experience driving the StandardBounties protocol forward over the last 2 years.

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Josh Crites of Consensys Academy

Get the late night hackathon started early and right with essential basics from Josh Crites of ConsenSys Academy.The lesson, titled ‘Getting started with Ethereum development: How to use Metamask, Remix and Web3.js’ is a must-attend for beginners, and will go over key learnings for buddings BUIDLers

Friday, November 8th, 4:30-6:30PM

Kevin Owocki of Gitcoin

Gitcoin Founder Kevin Owocki will present a talk titled ‘A Financial System By and For the People.’ The talk will address the following questions: What if the industrial-era 20th century Wall-Street financial system is not the only possible scalable architecture of a financial system? What if we were to design a planetary-scale financial operating system from first principles that’s inclusive of the design goals of ecological diversity, social harmony, and spiritual abundance?

Saturday November 9th, Buterin Room, 2:00-2:25 PM

Mark Beylin of Bounties Network 

In addition to Bounties Network’s activations throughout the ETHWaterloo hackathon, founder Mark Beylin will also be presenting a talk titled ‘The Challenges of Composable Smart Contracts’ that addresses a number of technical considerations when building on Ethereum.

Saturday November 9th, Buterin Room, 2:30 – 2:55PM

Mara Schmiedt and Collin Myers of Codefi Networks / Activate 

Mara Schmiedt and Collin Myers of Codefi Networks will present a deep dive on Codefi’s recently launched Activate platform. Aptly titled ‘Activate by Codefi Networks: A New Way of Launching and Participating in Decentralized Networks,’ the talk will provide an overview of the state of decentralized networks, utility tokens, and how the Activate platform removes the complexities of launching and participating in decentralized networks.

Friday, November 8th, 10:00 – 10:25PM 

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Access to ConsenSys Products 

Ethereum smart contract security powerhouse MythX will be providing access to its recently released MythX Pro suite of tools. 

Kaleido, The Blockchain Business Cloud, will also enable access to its full-stack platform for building complete enterprise solutions.  

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