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ConsenSys And msg Partner to Provide Access to Ethereum Blockchain Educational Materials in German

To date, Developer Program On-Demand from ConsenSys Academy was only available in English and enrolling between 200 and 300 people every year. The content is available in German on since November 26 for only 295USD, one of the most accessible prices on the market.
by ConsenSysDecember 1, 2021
ConsenSys Partner Program  1

18% of all open-source crypto developers work in the Ethereum ecosystem. Even more, Ethereum has four times more developers than the next ecosystem, which is Bitcoin. The Ethereum developers community is growing but to date, still most of the Ethereum blockchain learning materials for future developers are only available in English. 

To accelerate the availability of Ethereum blockchain knowledge content and allow non-english speakers to also get the skills to become an Ethereum developer, ConsenSys and msg partner to provide access to Developer Program On-Demand in German. 

The Developer Program On-Demand is a comprehensive self-paced program with a modular approach to learn Ethereum development. With anytime, anywhere access to course material, the multi-modal content helps the learner to build her or his Ethereum knowledge and development skills.

The program will be available in German on on November 26, 2021 for only 295USD, one of the most accessible prices on the market.

“Our objective is to be a major contributor of the growth of the Ethereum blockchain developers community around the world. One of the key paths to achieve this goal is to make the material available not only for English speakers but also in additional languages. There are talented developers all over the world and we need to make sure that our programs are as inclusive as possible”, explained Coogan Brennan, ConsenSys Academy Director.

“With the highly diverse potential of blockchain and especially Ethereum everyone benefits from a growing community. Key to a sustainable growth is tearing down hurdles and we want to contribute by easing the access for all German-speaking developers. We are excited to see more engagement and awareness around the DACH region through this course benefitting the global community”, stated Adilah Hussien, Head of Distributed Ledger Technologies in msg.

“Making our content available in German is a first step toward our long term objective: have our programs available in multiple languages to enroll and inspire more future Ethereum developers”, added Tom Hay.

Every year, between 2000 and 4000 people enroll in ConsenSys Online Blockchain Education programs.