June 30, 2017News

Casper & Smart Contract Consensus

A video overview of the Ethereum's Proof of Stake protocol Casper
by Karl Floersch
Casper & Smart Contract Consensus

I began contributing to Ethereum’s proof of stake protocol Casper last March, while continuing my work at ConsenSys. I have been working directly with Ethereum Foundation researchers, such as Vitalik and Vlad, on Casper’s implementation. This has enabled me to dive deeply into Ethereum, consensus protocols, and cryptoeconomics.

Below is a recording of that developer roundtable session.

Every few weeks ConsenSys holds a company-wide Developer Roundtable. During these roundtables, developers present recent works, useful techniques, and informative topics.

In 2017, I gave a presentation on Casper and related concepts based on three years of research done by the Casper research team.

The topics included were:
  • An overview of Casper
  • Economic finality
  • Miner censorship
  • Fork choice
  • Usage of smart contracts for consensus
    and more.

Click the image below to access the slides.

Click here to access the slides

Hope you enjoy!

A special thanks to ConsenSys and Joseph Lubin, for sponsoring my contributions to the Casper project. Also, a special thanks to Vitalik and Vlad for sharing so much knowledge and welcoming my contributions.