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Wen Dark Mode? Now Dark Mode.

by Megan DiasMarch 25, 2022
Dark Mode Is Here

We’re excited to update MetaMask with one of the most requested features—dark mode! We know, we know. It’s about time. 

Shadowy super coders, degens, designers, rejoice 🦇. We hope this alleviates your eyes as you keep exploring all the nooks and crannies that Web3 has to offer.

Activating Dark Mode

Dark mode is currently only available on MetaMask Mobile (v4.3.1) and the website. It will be launched on the browser extension soon so stay tuned 🦊. 

MetaMask Mobile: You can enable dark mode by setting this as a system-wide preference in your phone. Make sure you have the app updated with the latest version of MetaMask to feel ultra sound 🦇.

Enabling dark mode on iPhone and Android
Note that users on Xiaomi using MIUI OS (a customized Android OS) may have issues due to the OS overwriting MetaMask Mobile’s dark mode. This is a system issue with the OS and device, not a mobile app failure.

MetaMask Extension: Existing users can enable dark mode manually under “Settings” and “Experimental”. You have the option of selecting a system default, light, or dark mode option as your preferred MetaMask theme.

enabling dark mode on extension

MetaMask Website: Dark mode is just one click away on the website. Simply toggle the feature in the top right corner of the page and you’re set 🦇.


Whether you’re more of a solarpunk 🌞 or lunarpunk 🌚, early bird 🐤 or night owl 🦉, new to Web3 ✨ or been in the trenches for years 🛠️, MetaMask is for everyone. And dark mode benefits all. 

We hope you enjoy the new design.