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MetaMask Institutional Launches NFT Tracking within its DeFi and Web3-focused Dashboard for Organizations

The NFT feature on the MMI Portfolio Dashboard enables organizations to view detailed metrics for NFTs held across different custodians, accounts, and marketplaces.
by Liz Mathew, Johann Bornman, Nicole AdarmeJune 22, 2022
NFT Feature Launch Blog

MetaMask Institutional (MMI) is a version of MetaMask that integrates institution-required custody, operational efficiency, risk, and compliance features. Today MMI announces NFT capabilities within its institution-focused Portfolio Dashboard.

MMI was created in December 2020 by ConsenSys to address the large number of leading crypto funds, market-makers, trading desks and DAOs seeking to increase exposure to decentralized finance (DeFi) and join MetaMask’s 30 Million Monthly Active Users across the globe. MMI provides these organizations with full access to DeFi, NFTs and Web3 while satisfying even the most rigorous of institutional requirements.

Over the last year and a half, MMI has built a range of capabilities across the transaction flow process for organizations—including research from ConsenSys’ cryptoeconomic team, KYT risk monitoring on DeFi pools, portfolio monitoring and reporting via its Portfolio Dashboard, and integrations with seven custodian and custody tech partners across the globe to solve for institutional key management, multi-sig approvals, and optimized trade flows. 

Through this period, NFTs have been a growing Web3 asset for organizations—From crypto funds allocating part of their trading strategies to the digital asset class, to luxury brands, sports franchises, DAOs, and gaming guilds exploring various NFT use cases and creating unique collections and experiences. 

“As MMI provides unrivaled access to Web3 and Web3 assets, we’ve been at the center of the institutional NFT adoption cycle. Clients ranging from corporations, gaming guilds, DAOs, and funds have expressed interest in institutional NFT tracking capabilities in their portfolio.”—Johann Bornman, Product Lead for MetaMask Institutional

Organizations can now track all their NFTs on MMI’s Portfolio Dashboard

In working closely with cryptofunds, market makers, trading desks, and DAOs, we saw a common painpoint: Organization may work with multiple custodians. With each custodian, they may also manage multiple accounts that each hold different NFTs. These NFTs may be accessed and managed on multiple different marketplaces.

Watch Global Product Lead, Johann Bornman, discuss MetaMask Institutional (MMI). He covers who we are, why we exist, and the paradigm shift leading to increased adoption of Institutional DeFi. Finally, Johann introduces MMI’s newest feature: NFT tracking.

MMI’s NFT feature eliminates this fragmented structure by consolidating an organization’s entire NFT portfolio in one place.


The MMI Portfolio Dashboard is a special privileged decentralized application (dapp) that connects all of an organization’s wallets (non-custodial, hardware and custodial) into one consolidated portfolio view. It now supports NFTs, providing detailed asset views across a range of metrics, including a holistic breakdown of NFTs held across all custodians, accounts, and marketplaces. 

NFT Capabilties

The MMI Portfolio Dashboard’s new NFT feature includes the following capabilities:

  • NFT Analytics: Organizations can value and monitor the performance of their NFTs across all custodians, accounts, and marketplaces. They can view price and transaction metrics related to the specific NFT and its series collection including volume, sales, total supply, and number of owners. Valuations are reported based on the average sales and floor price. 
  • Asset Provenance: Organizations can also track the full provenance of an NFT from original mint to secondary transfers. They can view and download a full summary of an NFT’s related transaction history (including associated fees) for audit and reporting purposes.

With this new feature, MMI users gain access to the complete data suite of digital assets—consisting of individual tokens, DeFi pool balances, and NFTs across all EVM chains.