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ConsenSys at Sibos 2019: 10 Talks on Enterprise Blockchain

Including exclusive explainers on enterprise, DeFi, trade finance, consortiums, and more
by ConsenSysDecember 16, 2019
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ConsenSys attended SWIFT’s 41st annual Sibos convention this year in full force to bring the latest in blockchain technology to the enterprise and financial sectors. Ranging from consortiums to decentralized finance and capital markets, ConsenSys’ involvement in the Sibos discourse was substantial, with perhaps the announcement of the ConsenSys Codefi product suite— which provides a blockchain operating system for finance and commerce—garnering the most excitement.

For a complete picture on the latest in blockchain-integrated fintech and enterprise solutions, we’ve collected highlight video presentations including ConsenSys participants from Sibos 2019. These discussions feature everything from essential general overviews like “Intro to Enterprise Blockchain” and “DeFi 101: Intro to Digital Assets and Decentralized Finance,” to practical deep dives including “Fiat-Money Tokenization Models for Payments” and “Taking a Regulated Permissioned Blockchain Network to Production” — and you can watch them all in full today.

Missed Sibos this year? Don’t worry, we’ve written a full recap of Sibos 2019 with analysis about the future of finance, tech, and enterprise.

What is Sibos?

Sibos is a world-renowned annual event bringing together over 300 exhibitors and 600 speakers addressing a crowd of over 10,000 financial experts from around the world. This year Sibos showcased the industry as technology rapidly transforms traditional financial and commercial markets towards an era of complete digitization and emerging decentralization.

“The financial industry is undergoing an extraordinary change, because of new entrants like Facebook’s Libra and the emergence of technologies like crypto-assets.”Yawar Shah Chairman, Board Member at Swift

Head to the ConsenSys YouTube to see the full playlist of panels


ConsenSys at Sibos 2019 Recap Video

At SWIFT’s 41st annual Sibos convention this year ConsenSys announced the Codefi product suite, which provides a blockchain operating system for finance and commerce organizations. ConsenSys held many panels, discussions, and keynotes to share how blockchain technology will impact the financial industry in the years to come. 


Intro to Enterprise Blockchain

Success stories, practical use cases, and the secrets behind going from concept to consortium in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of standing up enterprise solutions. Understand the value and impact enterprise blockchain can bring to your business.

Featuring: Grace Hartley – Moderator, Tim Grant – CEO of DrumG, Sophia Lopez – Co-Founder and COO of Kaleido, Dan Heyman – Program Director at PegaSys, and Peter Broadhurst – Co-Founder and Head of Engineering at Kaleido.


Future of Data Ownership and Distribution for Financial Services

Tim Grant, CEO of DrumG, and Emmanuel Aidoo, Head of Distributed Ledger Strategy at Credit Suisse, demonstrate The DrumG Titanium Network live.

Learn how DrumG—with 10 global investment bank partners representing over 40% of the outstanding notional of global derivatives contracts—are working together to build the future of financial market data ownership and distribution.


Trade Finance on Blockchain

Globally complex, fragmented, and in many places, still paper-based, the trade finance industry is challenged to innovate or make technological improvements—and now. Learn how blockchain is already being implemented as a solution for the trade finance industry from experts in the emerging field.


Blockchain Consortiums

Take a closer look at live consortiums and deep dive into the success of these projects along with their challenges. This panel explores questions including: what should the banking industry learn from past consortia? How big is too big? How can different stakeholders align and launch projects?


Intro to Digital Assets and Decentralized Finance — “DeFi 101”

An essential introduction and primer to digital assets and decentralized finance. Explore the evolution of banking and finance using blockchain technology. Learn about use cases and applications, how to scale strategies around adoption and growth, and the advantages and disadvantages of decentralizing finance.


Tokenization in Institutional Capital Markets

Learn about the path of digital assets towards acceptance in global financial institutions, regulators, and central banks. Over time, the substantial blockchain benefits for enterprises are becoming clear, alongside the number of engagements leading to production outcomes in 2019.


The Innovator’s Mindset: How to Stay Relevant in the Age of Digitization

Learn from those who have experienced the digitization of industries firsthand how to own your career path and pivot into new roles annd sectors by utilizing your skills and talents.

Featuring: Camilla McFarland – Moderator, Monica Singer – ConsenSys Solutions, Lex Sokolin – Global Fintech Co-Head at ConsenSys Codefi, Toon Leijtens – CTO at komgo, and Lory Kehoe – Managing Director at ConsenSys Ireland.


Enterprise Blockchain Solutions: Real Life Use Cases

Dive deeper into Ethereum’s enterprise capabilities. Learn about a number of real-life use cases with experts who have been involved in their implementation and have experienced first-hand the business opportunities that have been unlocked through the adaption of blockchain in an enterprise environment.


Taking a Regulated Permissioned Blockchain Network to Production

Peter Munnings, Co-Founder of Adhara, and Rob Dawson, Protocol Engineer at PegaSys, present about what it takes to move permissioned blockchain-based systems into production. The talk includes examples of how Adhara has built production systems on PegaSys Hyperledger Besu (formerly known as Pantheon). 


Fiat-Money Tokenization Models for Payments

Join Carlos Vivas from ConsenSys Academy for an educational overview of tokenization using blockchain technology. Key business use cases discussed in this video including #Libra (Facebook’s cryptocurrency), payments with biometrics, and international payments.

To learn more about Enterprise Blockchain, visit ConsenSys Solutions


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